Need help ladies about EQ and women.

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by hurricane, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Pretty simple question. My brother is looking to put his wife on 50-75mg of EQ a week.
    For those that have run it does that seem a good dose?
    Also what are sides he should be aware of?
    He's also heard it greatly increases a woman's sex drive. Truth to that?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Not trying to change the subject but I had no idea you were natty brother?

    Edit: I thought I read somewhere that girls on eq are concerned about hair loss.

    There's a new girl with a Dbol cycle log in the wemons section, If a female has experience with it I'll bet it'd be her.
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  3. hurricane

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    Since October 2016. My health has to come first bro. Way to many cardiac issues to justify using anymore. But man do I miss it.
  4. Sk8man101

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    Oh that's right I forgot, my bad.

    Well your deffidently not the only one around man.
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  5. snerhairot

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    I've ran EQ up to 120 mg/week with no harsh sides. I will say I felt best anywhere from 75-90 mg/week though. When I ran it at the higher end, I felt very exhausted (estrogen was too low, blood volume was pretty high).
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  6. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Thank you. My sister in law is on 75mg per week right now and is extremely bitchy. Pissed off non stop. It's been 5 weeks and I think she may just come off. But I will relay your experience to her.
    Thanks again for the help.
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  7. Kakarot

    Kakarot Member Supporter

    How long has she been bitchy? You'd think eq would of only kicked in for about a week or does it metabolize differently in females?
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  8. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    My brother has said the last 10 days have been bad. We all got together Sunday afternoon and I noticed a big change in her attitude. She's usually very chill. Not so much right now
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  9. snerhairot

    snerhairot Junior Member

    That's unusual. Certain people react differently though. I started to feel impatient after about 8 weeks, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. It might be lowering her estrogen too much.
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  10. johntt44

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    Keep her away from tren! She'll beat all your asses! Haha!
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  11. Iron Vett

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    It's funny y'all mention tren. My wife talked me into letting her try 5mg of tren a twice a week with her primo injections for a few weeks. She thought she knew what to expect and she did do a great job keeping her cool but it was hilarious to see that little short woman raging on about the day's events when she got home. Priceless entertainment that I hope I never forget lol
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