Need help.. Trying to get the GF pregnant.

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    So as the title suggest, my girl and I have decided we want to have a child. I’ve been on anabolics for roughly 5 years now, and I’m fairly certain my sperm production/health is in the shitter. I’m wanting to start an hcg and clomid protocol to improve fertility levels, and most likely drop my TRT while trying to get her pregnant. The main two things I’m hoping you guys could help with are a good dosing protocol and preferred medications for someone like myself trying to conceive, and if anyone wouldn’t mind.. a reasonably priced domestic source for HCG. I’ve been out of the loop, so to speak for a while, and what I’ve found thus far are domestic sources charging $50-$65 for 5000iu of HCG, which is crazy. My last “main source” (RIP) only charged $25 for 5000iu, domestic w/ 2-3 day shipping, but alas, he’s no longer around. But could you guys help me out..? It would be much appreciated.
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    It will take 3 months to get sperm count up and going .

    I am around 100 days off now and my count is around 26million using this protocol I was on for 4-5 years before this also

    hcg 2500iu 3x per week
    HMG 75iu 2x per week
    clomid 50mg EOD
    aromasin 12.5mg 2x per week

    This may be overkill but my count is going up. good luck and stay off any anabolics
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    Research into ExpressPCT for domestic hcg, HMG, clomid and other pct meds.
    Good luck!

    Edit: more important part of my post got deleted accidentally. will share later tonight
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    hcg at Costco costs 108.00 for 10,000ius so your price mentioned above is not bad.
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    @Whoremoans , being a father is one of the greatest joys in life!
    Fertility is relatively easier to regain if you dont have primary hypogonadism meaning your testes are still capable of working given the right stimulus with LH/HCG. But It may take a little more time for someone has been using AAS for years.
    You said you have using AAS for 5 years. I am assuming blasting and cruise/trt. What were you number before AAS usage in terms of test, LH and FSH?
    You could start what Mindovermatter2 suggested above but you may not need HMG and HMG is really expensive.
    What I would suggest to start off is what my fertility doctor prescribed me which is the following:
    -stop all AAS completely; dont worry you will not feel like shit given high dose of HCG will get test production to above the middle of the normal range.
    -HCG 1000ius EOD
    -moderate dose of aromasin given that high dose of HCG will skyrocket your estrogen
    I would add Clomid 25mg ED; this dose and clomid alone has been shown to have significant positive impact on endogenous test and sperm parameters
    Need to follow the protocol at least for 90 days before you do blood work and sperm analysis including motility and morphology. Then you will have enough data to help decide if HMG is really needed. But if you got cash to spare you can start HMG from the get go.
    Good luck!
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    Thought i'd share this podcast link

    There is a few different ways to go about
    fertility issues.

    Good luck
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    Sorry to bump this older thread, just wanted to share my experience. Finished a long-ish test cycle (15 weeks) with last 3 weeks being Test P only. Last inj was last Friday in January. Whether I'm supposed to or not, I started pct that Monday, nolva/clomid, ran 50/40 for two weeks and 25/20 for two weeks. End of Feb through today took Arginine, Zinc, DHEA, and Gingko pills every morning. "Felt" like I was better around early March, balls were noticeably larger and heavier and ejaculate volume increased as did the cloudiness.

    GF and I fucked probably 10 times in her fertile period last week, she doesn't take BC, I finished inside her. We panicked that she might be pregnant, I bought a fertility test that tells you only whether or not you have more than 20 million sperm per mL. Confirmed this morning, I did. Most studies I read said a full return to ~52 million sperm per mL said 12-13 weeks and potentially up to a year, and I can't confirm I'm that high, but I can tell you that 9 weeks after being off the sauce I'm fertile again.

    Just my 0.02
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    I love my daughter but I'm convinced she wants to give me a cardiac event of epic proportions!
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    Put your dick in her, the pink hole, take it back out, repeat.
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    Did you mean to post this in some other thread?
    He was talking about his daughter not his lady!
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    Thread title is getting the GF pregnant.

    I was bored and literally shitposting. -\('_')/-
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    You can understand the look hopefully, Screenshot_20200413-181754.png lol
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    Also, without doing any more than skimming, I see most posts are about ball size, etc.

    Which lines up with getting Chica knocked up. I'm more curious how someone's daughter was brought up in the topic and my post is the weird one. :p
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    $50-65 is fine (if it's real pharma HCG)
    5000 IU HCG last a long time.

    Supposing you pin 250 IU of HCG per week (a great starter dose), 5000 IU will last for 20 weeks, almost 4 months.

    Avoid higher dosages, they will just skyrocket your estrogen, risking gyno and hindering proper recovery.

    Get T and E2 bloodwork.
    Add a tiny dose AI if E2 begins to rise.
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    250iu per week wouldn't start a squirrel after 5 years of trt
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    say some is cruising/blasting for 5+ years is there a rare possible chance they can still get a girl pregnant without doing anything? or is it 100% its no happening?
  18. Ts3muscle

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    Yes, been cycling for 10 years and ended up being on prescribed trt 150mgs/week in 2018. I finished a cycle of test/deca/dbol the last week of January 2020 and then did the following protocol.

    Trt- 100mgs/week
    clomid- 50mgs/week
    hcg- 1000ius 3 times/week

    For me..... this took 8 weeks, my gf is now pregnant and we are expecting in December.
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    nice gives me hope incase my future girl kills be about having a kid lol. personally i dont really care im old enough to know by now but if wifey wants one in the future w.e it takes to give her what she wants.
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    Lol I hear ya, I was in that boat. I honestly thought it was going to take much longer than 8 weeks.

    As long as you don't have any underlining problems you most likely will be able to recover enough to have children.

    Different protocols work for different people I'm lucky enough I didn't have to drop my trt completely.

    Hope what ever you do works out.
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