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    Im making a small batch of Estradiol Valerate for my wife. I’m a little confused on the proper portions. I have everything that is needed (I believe). I have a proper receipt from a pharmacist; as follows

    40 mg/ml
    EV powder 4gr
    BB. 44.7gr
    BA. 2 gr
    Castor oil. as 100ml

    I want to chang the strength to 20 mg/ml and a quantity of 50 ml. My confusion lies here; if I just reduce everything to half then the strength stays the same. If I just reduce the estrodial I’ll still get 100ml if product per receipe. I’ve thinked myself into confusion.
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    1gr of raw hormone (¼ of original recipe)

    For BB I'd do the same ¼ of the recipe so 11mL

    1% BA because you don't need more than that so .5mL

    and add oil to make 50mL

    So to recap,

    1G of hormone
    11mL of BB
    .5mL of BA
    and add your oil to make 50mL (probably around 38mL)

    and that should yield your desired recipe for 50mL
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    Thank you for the quick reply. My first time doing this actually. The beaker I’m using must be off a lot. The finished amount was 60 ml on the beaker? Perhaps the powder takes up that much space. I used Grape Seed oil instead of Castor. Do you think that will be ok?
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    It will be fine. Next time use a large 10cc or 60cc syringe so it can be more accurate but overall it will be fine. Beakers aren't really meant for measuring, they're more for estimating. Graduated cylinders are meant for measuring. But overall if you have 60cc's then it's a 16.66mg/mL consentrasion.
  5. Why the fuck are you doing this?
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    My wife went through menopause and we tested her blood. She is very deficient in estrogen. After some research Estradiol is best for her.
  7. Some research or a doctors guidance?
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    My wife is starting menopause, too. I prescribed some distance for myself while she figures this shit out :D
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    Doctor schmoctor. We got the internet son!
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