Need help with my diet


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Hey. I am going to be on my first ever cycle Test e 500 each week for 12 weeks and i need some help with my diet. This is what i am thinking of eating:

1 meal: 100g oats with milk and 200g corn flakes with milk
2 meal: 5 eggs and an aple
3 meal: 150g rice or spaghetti with 250g of chicken breast and some greens
4 meal: same as meal 3
5 meal: 150g rice or spaghetti and 200g of tuna
6 meal: protein shake

Anyone willing to help me? What results am i going to have with this diet? Enlighten me


Use fitness pal app to track macros but first u need to figure out what they are protein/fat/carbs. You gotta have idea what your maintenance calories are which fitness pal would give you a starting point. If your goal is bulk eat more then your maintenance, to cut eatless then maintenance. This should get you started now do your research


Mass gain intake is usually started at a minimum of 20 bodyweight for calories (in pounds). So a 200lb guy should start at 4000 calories, then adjust up or down based on how your body reacts in terms of fat storage.

Make your protein intake 30-40%of your daily calorie intake .
My fitness Pal will give you actually a good prediction of your maintenance, at least for me. Then as the guys said up those calories to gain mass or go down to cut. That's the most basic advice as you look like beginning, next advice would be read, read and read and never stop learning.

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