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    Hi,I really need help in making a good training routine I have recently joined a gym and have trained three times so far but I don't know what I should be doing,this is what I have come up with so far if you could take a look and tell me what you think it would be much appreciated.

    Leg day..

    Squats 3 sets of 6-8 reps 4 minutes rest between sets maybe 5 minutes last set

    dead lifts 3 sets of 6-8 reps 4 minutes again between sets

    leg extension curls 3 sets with 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets,I have the choice of cable machine or plate loaded,which is best?

    lying leg curl machine 3 sets [how long rests in between sets for these? also there is a seating machine that is plate loaded, I think you kneel in it for hamstrings,is this best or the lying machine?

    leg press machine 3 sets [rest between sets?]

    calf raise plate loaded machine 3 sets [rest?]

    there is a hack v squat machine in my gym should I use it?

    chest and bicep day..

    bench press with barbell 3 or 4 sets of 6-8 reps with 4 minute rest between sets

    incline dumbell press 3 sets [4 min rests]

    cable pec machine 3 sets [rests times?]

    ez bar standing bicep curls 3 sets [3 min rests between sets]

    standing dumbell hammer curls [3 min rests]

    shoulder and back day..

    standing military shoulder press with barbell [3 sets with 4 min rests]

    seated dumbell shoulder press 3 sets [3 min rests between sets]

    dumbell rows with bench 3 sets [rests?]

    shoulder press machine,plate loaded 3 sets [3 min rests]

    back row plate loaded machine 3 sets [2 min rests]

    front lateral pulldown cable machine 3 or 4 sets [rest?]

    Tricep day..

    close grip bnech press 3 sets [3 min rests]

    ez bar skull crushers 3 or 4 sets [3 min rests]

    tricep pulldowns ,which is the best bar to use? [rest period between sets?]

    dips 3 sets [rest period?

    This is what I have come up with so far,I need to know what time I should rest between sets on some of the exercises,I hope someone can help me.
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    Taking that long between sets us completely unnecessary. Stick to 90-120 seconds at most. Save texting and instagram for after, you're there to work.

    On your big compound movements, I'd hit at least as many warm-up sets as working sets. Generally I'll stick with three / three.

    Make whatever jumps you feel comfortable with and take them to about 15-20% less than your first working set. Make 10% jumps set over set from there. A good baseline for target %/R


    That all aside, I'll break it down a little...

    You're working with a four day split, and you've got some weird movements grouped together. Not sure why you have a dedicated Triceps day at all while combining back / shoulders, and there's zero core work.

    While I'll always push free and body weight movement's before machines, I've put together a decent four day split with a solid combination of the three.

    Leg Day

    Bell Swing / Box Jump
    Back Squat

    Front Squat
    Leg Extension

    Good Morning
    Lying Leg Curl

    Standing Calf Raise
    Seated Calf Raise

    Chest Day

    Flat Bench

    Incline DB Press
    Incline DB Fly
    Core Movement

    Decline DB Press
    Decline DB Fly
    Core Movement

    Incline DB Triceps Ext
    Suppinated Triceps Pulldown

    Back Day

    Kettlebell Swing

    Kneeling Cable Lat Pull-in

    Pendlay Row
    Seated Row

    T-Bar Row
    DB Row - Don't use your hand to support yourself.

    BB Curl 21's

    Shoulder Day

    OH Press
    Scapular Pull-up

    Standing DB Press
    Inverted DB Row
    Core Movement

    Cable Lateral Raise
    Cable Rear Delt Raise
    Core Movement

    Trap Bar DL
    Static Hold (60 Sec)

    Single Arm OH Triceps Ext (Cable)

    All super-sets and tri-sets until you hit the accessory burn-out at the end. Core could be hit every day, but I've left them off Leg / Back day here as all those movements are fairly taxing on their own.

    Leave it to you to figure out set / rep schemes. But it's a solid starting point.
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    Thanks I'll have to google how to perform most of them exercises,I need at least 4 minute rests between sets of squats and bench press I'm no spring chicken at 37 years old,if I do front squats right after normal back squats isn't that too much? I wont be able to lift much weight after doing normal squats? also I when you say core movement do you mean situps? there is no ab machine in my gym.

    Why can't I use my hand to support my self on the dumbell rows? all the videos on youtube they use their hands?
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    I go from leg press into squats and certainly don’t get as much weight on the squat as I could alone but I don’t think that’s the point; point is to get the muscle to failure, eat right and let it rebuild.

    I also don’t see why you’d do bicep on chest day since you’re already working the tricep with push movements. Usually you group chest/tri and back/bi on the same day. Also work the larger muscles first so you don’t burn out on heavy lifts. Nothing worse than failing a bench press because you killed your arms already.

    So work grouped muscles on the same day, work the bigger groups first in the workout, concentrate on overall workout performance and not individual movements. That’s about all the advice I can give among the way more knowledgeable people here.
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    If I do bench press on the same day as tricep day I wouldn't be able to do much on my close grip bench press,how about tricep on leg day and biceps on back day then,that would work yes? also is it worth me using this machine at my gym for my core? Primal Strength Hip Thruster Extension Bench & Floor GHD | Primal Strength
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    I am sort of against the grain here, but it works..
    Don't begin with lower reps, begin with 12-15 reps and as you get stronger and more acclimated to the gym begin coming down in reps and up in weights. Just a safe way to train and get your muscles accustomed to it all before going heavier , just my input although many will disagree with me here
  7. mp46

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    You’re asking the wrong guy on that one, sorry. Personally I’d kill chest doing whatever exercise then kill tri’s. If you only manage to get one tri exercise in at the end of the workout that means you’ve already been working them the whole time you were doing chest.

    Some more knowledgeable people may have better insight but bro science tells me that the goal is to fatigue the muscles; whether you fatigue the triceps on the bench or the rope pulldown you fatigued them and did the job.
  8. LeoTC

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    You actually don't need that long between sets and you've got all of four years in me. Just work on knocking it down session by session, it'll get easier as your work capacity increases. But it won't if you don't push it.

    On Squats / Front Squats - no you're not going to be too tired. In this instance the BS is your primary mover and the FR an assistance movement. It'll be rough for the first while, but that's the point.

    You're there to grow and better yourself. I'm just going to paraphrase an extremely wise man here, 'If you wanting to be comfortable, sit your pacifier sucking ass back on the couch, watch some fucking Oprah, and have another fucking bon-bon.'

    For real though, if you're not uncomfortable you're coasting and just wasting your time.

    Core movement is anything that targets the core. I go with a mix of weighted movements on pressing days and bodyweight on Squat and Deadlift days.

    My personal favorites are Dragon Flags, Toe to Bar, Landmine 180's, Weighted Decline Sit-ups, GHR Halos, and Cable Side Bends. No machines needed but for the last one.

    As far as the DB rows go, you can brace yourself. But again, you're going to get a lot more out if them if you drop the weight and make your core stabilize you through the movement.
  9. LeoTC

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    Not at all.

    It's important to work through a variety of rep ranges. Even when you're strictly working on building a total.

    Anyone that truly believes otherwise I'd leaving a lot on the table.
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    Ok I have come up with this new routine please tell me if any of the exercises conflict with one another and I'll change it around,I have kept it simple for now but I'll add new exercises as I go alone like front squats etc.

    Leg and bicep day [I only do two bicep exercises so it shouldn't interfere too much.]

    leg extenstions [30 seconds rest]
    lying leg curls [1 min rest]
    leg press machine [3 min rest]
    calf raise machine [30 seconds rest]
    ez bar bicep curls and hammer dumbell curls [3 minute rest][standing]

    chest day

    bench press [3-4 minute rest]
    incline dumbell press [3 min rest]
    pec machine [3 min rest]
    chest press machine [plate loaded] pec machine & chest press machine supersets I was thinking as they are right next to each other.

    back and tricep day rolled into one

    dead lifts [3 minute rest]
    dumbell rows [2 minute rest]
    plate loaded lat machine [2 minute rest]
    behind head lateral cable [pulldowns 2 minute rest]
    full back row plate loaded machine [2 minute rest]

    shoulder and tricep day

    standing shoulder barbell press [3 min rest]
    standing dumbell press [3 min rest]
    plate loaded shoulder press machine [2 min rest]
    close grip bench press [3 min rest]
    skull crushers with ez bar [2-3 min rest]
    cable tricep push downs with rope or other attacthment [2 min rest]
    dips [not sure how long to rest]

    what do you think of this new routine? oh and I'll just do sitsups at home every day.
  11. LeoTC

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    Just run that for the next twelve weeks and see how you feel and progress.

    Methodology behind everything above has been explained and the misconceptions / flaws pointed out. Now it's on you to work it out through trial and error.

    Just don't forget to set the pins when you curl and make sure your gloves are extra grippie for that leg press.
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    why would I need gloves for leg press? I don't bicep curl with machines either so I don't need to set the pins.
  13. LeoTC

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    Was just taking the piss, Bubba.
  14. Btcowboy

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    OP could also follow a cookie cutter plan, there are tons of them out there. Movements, sets and reps are already planned out for him. He would just need to decide does he want strength, size, or both. Not putting OP down or anything but he seems new to this and think he will be leaving gains in the table trying to design his own. As for rest, keep it as short as you can. It will get shorter as hour work capacity goes up. Shit, I am 45 and try to keep it between 45 and 90 seconds unless it is heavy compound movements.

    Just my 2 cents.
  15. Test_Subject

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    You should really just follow a proven beginner routine until you learn more about training concepts. You'll have a lot more success. Trying to design a program before you understand program design isn't likely to lead to optimal results.

    Greyskull Linear Progression is fantastic. If you run that for a year you'll be well on your way to being retard strong. It's simple to follow and it works.
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    OP, I would suggest get a coach to teach you the basics, it doesnt seem like you have the experience in the gym, you are going 6-8 reps is just asking for injury considering you don't know how to do the exercises correctly.
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    I am going for strength and size and I googled that for strength longer rests are best! there was a study done,so I will stick with science and go with the 3-5 minute rests for squats,bench press and deadlifts,machine exercises I will start from 30 secs to 2 minutes rest depending on the exercise.Also I was reading about a 6 day split earlier ,maybe this would be best for me.
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    I youtubed how to perform the exercises so it's not a problem and I'm already benching 72.5kg bench press 3 sets of 8 after only training for 4 weeks so lets just say I'm a really fast gainer and I don't take supplements or steroids,imagine my gains when I buy some protein powder!! I must have the bodybuilder genetics shame I didn't start lifting early,I've always been naturaly stong though in my school no one could beat me in an arm wrestle apart from some big fat kid. My goal is to get my bench press 3 sets of 8 up to 100kg within 2 months,then I will start going my gym in the day time as I wont feel embarrased lifting pussy weights, right now I train at night and have the gym all to my self.

    Just one more thing to add is that I am struggling on squats at only 40kg 3 sets,it's embarrasing no way would I do squats infront of people,the other night another guy walked in the gym right before I was about to do my squats so I had to skip it and that really pissed me off and set me back it's so fucking annoying he took ages doing his workout I waited over 2 hours for him to leave and I probably over trained on the cable machines and assault bike waiting for him to go but by that point I was worn out.
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    Can you give me a link to the greyskull routine please I'll check it out.
  20. Vipera1

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    The more you increase the weights , the more prone to injury you will be, learn the compounds movements, a few accessories and take it slow, no need to rush to try to make up for lost time.

    YouTube is good to see how the exercises are done, but the point of a training partner or a PT is to make sure you do it correctly and help you if needed.

    So grab a good coach, for a few months and enjoy the journey.