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  1. Obeast88

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    could someone point me in the right direction so I can purchase and send bitcoins ASAP! I need to place an order and that’s all the source accepts and I can’t login into my old circle and block chain accounts I use to use. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Imo In that order. Cashapp is easiest, cheapest and fastest verification but some people have problems with it. Coinbase is easy and user friendly but higher fees and verification takes a little longer. You have to verify your id before you can make a bitcoin withdraw so the sooner you start the better.
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    I've also been reading that the Chinese exchange Binance is allowing you to purchase directly thru them with a credit card now but haven't tried it out or know how the process works exactly. I know their exchange still requires id verification to trade so probably to purchase and withdraw as well.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    Coinmama charges a fee but it’s fast AF. Good for a pinch.
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    Do I need a wallet also while using coinmama and if so what is a decent one to download I can’t get Blockchain to work for me right now
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    I use mycelium. There’s a bunch. You should absolutely have a wallet. Or two.
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    I had coinbase and they disabled my account for suspicious activity. I made about 6 total transfers on my account. After a month with no history the market jumped. I gained almost $1,000 and cashed out. I guess they didn't like that and I was disabled. I've used cashapp a few times with success. Looking for something else at the moment
  8. Any other options on this? I can’t use coinmama for some reason, been band from coin base and Cashapp won’t verify me for the life of me
  9. Use a low-rate bitcoin ATM machine. Find one that has a low fee like 3-5% or ideally no scaling fee but a flat charge. I paid $5 and the machine I used had the BTC sent to my wallet by the time I walked to my car.

    Doesn’t require any waiting, verification, or personally identifying information to use and it’s probably the fastest way to get bitcoin. Just scan your wallets QR code on the machine and feed it bills.
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    Use cashapp to buy btc, send to blockchain, and then to source. Used coinbase before and it sucks ass (holding funds and high fees). Cashapp is damn near instant and it’s cheap af compared to coinbase.