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Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by Brandnewrick, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    Can someone tell me what these are?

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  2. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    What did your source say they were?
  3. lundgren

    lundgren Member

    Look like alin stuff, he's send lot without box / blister same for the vials.
    It's maybe Proviron 50 or Stano 50 but im not sure ... You dont know what do you bought ?

    I just see it's writen 10 so i think it's old design of Balkan stano 10 :)
  4. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    A girl I know dad passed away he was into bodybuilding. She gave it to me
  5. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    She said clomid novaladex or clenbuterol . But she know nothing at all
  6. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Gotta get tested or you’ll never know.

    10 would be maybe logical for clen, though they’re usually 20s.

    50 would be right for clomid.

    But who knows.
  7. TX_Hempknight

    TX_Hempknight Member Supporter

    Id trash them. Not worth getting tested for a few pills and not worth being a guinea pig yourself.
  8. Den84

    Den84 Member

    Old version of Balkan pharma tablets. Probably it is strombafort 10 mg and 50 mg. But without blister is difficult to know precisely, because , regarding 50 mg tablets , also old version of clomid, proviron, primobol tablets was white and with the same written.

    Regarding 10 mg tablets also tamoximed old version 10 mg , was identical to the picture shared by you.

    I don’t understand why some sources send tablets without blister. this makes no sense ... moreover, the expiration date and upic code, are printed in the blister. so without blisters, you can't even check, if it's legit
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  9. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    A girl I know gave them to me the were her dads who passed away. She said they were clomid or novaladex
  10. No big loss if you chuck them then.
    Both of those drugs are cheap and easily obtainable.

    If you have a shit ton of them, you could have them tested, but even then, refer to line 2.
  11. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    I'm going to toss them not worth the risk of not knowing
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  12. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

    Those look like ancient British Dragon Winstrol 50's. I have the 50mg dbol from them still. Says "B|D" on one side and "Fitty" on the reverse.theyre still good, you must've had those for a while eh? Either that or they are Balkan. Balkan tabs look identical to the old British Dragon tabs for some reason. c76d139ffaf3fb9c580146202d834062_medium.jpg
  13. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

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  14. Den84

    Den84 Member

    It is not balkan. Balkan old line was pink. Instead yours is red.
  15. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

    I know, but I was thinking they inherited/bought the BD pill pressing equipment when they moved the operation from Malaysia. Hence the exact same shape and markings in tabs. BP for Balkan, BD for British. I may be wrong, but I had plenty of BD pills in my time.
  16. Brandnewrick

    Brandnewrick Junior Member

    I wish the was I would be happy but I'm not going risk it