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    Hi I've been lurking about for a while and would appreciate your advice.

    I'm 5'9" 255 pounds, 46 years old

    Been lifting weights off and on for 30+ years. Did four AAS cycles in late teens and early twenties with great success, various combinations of test, deca, winny, and Anavar. Haven't used gear since. Six months started on Dr. prescribed androgel for hypogonadism, getting old. Two labs prior to TRT showed T in low 300's. Since initiation of TRT, total T has been 900 to 1100 on three labs (958 on 12/16/2008). Free T (Direct) 32.8H pg/mL. prolactin has been a little high (31.3H ng/mL) so I got a $6000 MRI which was negative for pituitary adenoma and have been taking cabergoline .25 mg twice a week.

    I've been lifting consistently with cardio a couple of times a week for the past eight months. There is a noticable difference in my physique that many people have commented on, as well as increased libido, improved energy and mood. Minimum sides, some flushing and acne. Overall happy with progress and still making some strides. Every month or so I notice a little improved vascularity or definition. I still would like more muscle and less fat, especially around my mid section. I try to eat well with a lot of protein and not too many calories. Dinner is usually meat: pork chops, chicken breasts or steak on the grill. Cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch.

    I figure since my HPGA is shut down anyway why not get a little addition pharmaceutical help. After much research I'm thinking about trying:

    Androgel / test - ongoing
    Winny Oral - 10 mg /day - 50 days (to reduce SHBG)
    Primo Injectable - 75 mg twice a week - 40 days

    Do you think I'll see any results from this? I know it's low dose. I considered tren but was scared off by the sides: insomnia, night sweats, and reduced cardio capability. Chose Winny and Primo since I don't want to gain much if any more weight. Would like to lose fat and gain muscle.

    I'm strongly considering throwing in a heavy dose of Dbol because it's cheap and effective, but I don't want to swell up to 275 pounds. I'm already on BP meds.

    Been using hcg 1000 mg twice a week for six weeks. It has brought "the boys" back to normal size and I seem to feel better as well.

    I have nolva, arimidex, Cabergoline on hand if necessary. I have experimented with all three off and on but haven't really seen any effect but then again I really had no need for them. Mainly looking for positive effect on libido. No gyno problems. On the verge of having man boobs from excess fat though.

    Is the proposed dose of winny and primo enough to do anything?

    Should I throw in some Dbol?

    Or skip the AAS altogether and and focus on diet and cardio? (not really the answer I want to hear)

    Opinions appreciated
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    Joking right
    You must have a better diet than that.
    3 x meals a day
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    I'll eat a handful of peanuts or almonds a couple of times a day, with fruit sometimes. But yeah in general my diet should be better. I have a desk job and don't burn many calories. I was drinking a whey protein shake every day but was putting on more weight. I honestly don't think I have the willpower or desire to eat like a pro bodybuilder before a contest. When I was 18 I ate whatever I wanted and ran a 4.9 second 40 yard dash and benched 300 pounds (back when this was impressive). I guess it's just a pipedream, but I was hoping that by returning my hormone levels to what they were when I was young I could experience similar results.
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    ya bro you need to eat more often! what kind of sandwhich on what? maybe eat it in two meals instead of all at once. 2 days in the gym isnt enough. if you really want to loose that belly fat your gonna have to work it off! and trust me, its the last place its gonna come from! your nutrition is the most important thing. the gym is second but important as well. the aas shouldnt be done unless you have those both dialed in.

    im not saying you have to beat yourself up just make some little changes and you will see some big changes!