Need to cut body fat % [Help]

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    I have been lifting for around 2-3 years now. I am in my early 20s. Overall I have gotten stronger and have visibly put on a decent amount of muscle. My issue I've always had though is my bodyfat. I am probably sitting around 20% right now, and I've never gotten lower. Awhile back I dropped around 10lbs on the scale, while maintaining my muscle, but it took everything I had. It took me like 2-3 months. I had to intermittent fast and restrict myself like crazy (I hated it). I still never ended up losing anything noticeable around my core though, as I store most of my fat around my core.

    So my question is... what can I take to help the fat come off? I have been lurking around this forum, and a couple others for a few months now. Reading, reading, reading, but I still don't feel confident enough to dive into purchasing anything (that's why I am here). The only thing I do not feel comfortable doing at this point is pinning/injecting (plz don't flame me for that). I want to be safe and smart, but I really want to drop my BF to around 10% as it's always been my goal. I appreciate any help/info.

    Thank you.
  2. Milk Man

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    Diet. What you eat and how much will take you the direction you want to go.
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    You need to operate at a caloric deficit. A lb of fat is about 3500cal. So do the math. Figure out how many pounds you need to drop, adjust your food in to calories burned and it will fall off. I'd suggest about 250-350 per day. You maybe able to get more, you may not. You may hit day 8 and eat every fucking cake on isle 10.
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    Need to get the diet and routine down before going that route. Sure, there's a bunch of shit out there that will work. But you should be able to get to at least 12-15% without drugs, or you'll be doing yourself a disservice long run. Or at least find the routine that will get you moving to there.

    The reality of this shit is meal planning, food weighing, calorie tracking, and hunger. Then add brutal workouts. Still down?

    Of course, saying that makes me a hypocrite. The flip side to that, is I never asked these questions of anyone. These kind of open ended threads are an invitation to uninformed substance abuse. Keep reading. If you've got real questions, start a thread, or feel free to pm me.
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    Agreed I've lost 70lbs now I want to say since december from proper diet and exercise with no enhancers maybe a cone or 2 for sleep. Strong macro and mind over matter. Of course I know it's alot easier when your as big as I was to cut fat. Myfitnesspal meal tracking has made a huge difference in my diet and my life. 50 lbs to go.
  6. Notits

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    Diet and cardio

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  7. Dr JIM

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    DEIT and AEROBIC exercise, it's that simple but apparently to complex for most to believe!
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  8. Do3Gs

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    As everyone stated, diet and exercise is it. Track your calorie intake. Find your maintenance and eat less.
    Find a macro calculator, I use
    but Google macro calculator and there are tons. Fill it in as precise as possible. I personally shoot for at least 1g protein per lb of body weight, 0.5g fat per lb of bw, fill the rest with carbs.
    Find a good calorie tracker, most people including myself use MyFitnessPal. Track everything you eat as accurately as possible, get a good scale you can find a cheap one on Amazon.
    If after 2 weeks you aren't losing at 1 calorie limit drop it 100-200 and run that 2 weeks. If you're tracking accurately and training hard you will drop fat inevitably.
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  9. Seve

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    It does take disipline. I am having a hell of a time dieting down this time. It used to be much easier. I know you guys are doing it, so I guess dig deep and find the will power. If it were easy everyone would do it.
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  10. Milk Man

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    Plus you are in your early twenties. Eat right and hit the stairclimber at the gym, jog, jump rope, swim, do tons of cardio. At your age dude, you just have to want it and put in the effort. Stick to it EVERYDAY.
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  11. Do3Gs

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    Take yo ass to the gym and take that donut out yo hand!
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  12. Dr JIM

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    What you surprised you and MILLIONS of Americans are asking the same question AND you and MILLIONS of Americans KEEP that fat bc they are searching for a "drug, pill, supplement or some new fan-dangled injection.

    And Americans continue to grow their waste line bc of their fat laden, simple carb infested DIETS and SEDENTARY lifestyle.

    There is NO worthwhile SHORTCUT NONE, accept it or pack on more pounds.

    That's a FACT, and the proof walks the aile of every Wallmart!

    (Or need I mention some obviously prefer the wheelchair approach to grocery shopping rather than "walking")
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  13. Seve

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    I have been looking for chemical solution for disipline, diet and hard work. Come to find ,it does not exist.
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  14. Roger rabbit

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    So true! Nuff said.
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  15. Nordic

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    Hardest thing to do when cutting bf% is keeping track and keeping diet consistent. Its not fun at first but after awhile it does get easier. Instead of spending money on "miracle pills" spend it on a dietician. They can definitely help you out. Hopefully they teach you instead of telling you as well. Makes it better for you in the long run that way
  16. MoneyShot

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    Bro I had to actually get a scale and start weighing stuff out. Got to the point where I was constantly hungry and my stomach would even hurt sometimes lol. BCAAS and fasted cardio helps too. throw in 15min cardio at the end of your workouts, or add in cardio days altogether

    I count my cals and protein daily too.

    If you don't care about taking stuff look into clen and/or EC stack. EC stack was the shit back in the day when I did it - keep in mind that ephedrine made me pop positive for a drug test though. Dunno about clen, I can't figure out if it'll make me positive or negative so I haven't done it - lots of friends love it though
  17. BigPharma

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    I was familiar with the weight watchers program in the late 80's through a family member. Bro they stressed Water!!! Drink lots of water!! Before meals to help digestion and give a more full feeling without having to eat endless calories- throughout the Day to pee out fat and toxins. Basically water is the secret weapon. If you can make yourself drink lots of water(a couple gallons a day max) you will lose weight. My dad followed a guy recently on Facebook who didn't change his diet or exercise regiment, he just increased water intake substantially before and after meals and po periodically through the day--- last I heard he had dropped 50lbs... I am not discrediting any of the suggestions being given- you are getting great advice from the fellas. I believe you know that some guys have to struggle a lil more for a six pack than others, it's just the way it is. Just like some dudes have to get juiced up to be buff, and some don't. Be careful before you going jumping off into designer weight loss drugs, make sure a lil extra water,diet and exercise won't do it first. Try cutting all sodas out, and going heavy on the water and see what that does for you. (When my dr. Suggested I do that about 3-4 yrs ago, I lost 40lbs-- and I wasn't doing juice.... Be blessed brother
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  18. FlexOnEm

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    Ive got this same problem i went from 135 to 210 the past 20 months so thats almost a 2 year bulk.. put on great size.. but now its time to throw in some clen fix my diet and step up the cardio.
  19. Notits

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    Fuck clen
  20. Local

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    I agree @Notits Run in the am first thing. Diet is key also. Low carb, 8 small meals a day.
    Super low sugar. Like 8grams a day. Lots of water.
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