Need to quit trt, can't get a SERM

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  1. Kimpe

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    I've been on dr prescribed trt for a bit over a year now, and need to come off.
    The problem is that I can't get nolva or clomid. Only thing I can get is hcg. How screwed am I??

    Reason for wanting to quit is heart problems from trt.
    I have shitloads of palpitations. Quit cold turkey for few weeks and the palpitations disappeared.
    I had to continue trt tho because I was so lethargic I couldn't even handle my job.

    I also had untreated sleep apnea before I started all this, so I want to know if it makes a difference.

    Anyways. Is it pointless to try quitting with only hcg?
  2. Silentlemon1011

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    Use Clomid and Nolva
    It will be far. ore effective than HCG alone.

    Check the Underground
    I'm pretty sure every single source has nolva at least
  3. Kimpe

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    Sadly they aren't available where I live, and I'm trying to pursue a job in customs so I can't really risk ordering from other countries.
  4. Silentlemon1011

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    So go and talk to your doc.

    Tell them that you want to try and kickstart your fertility.
    Its actually relativly common to get clomid from a doctor for this method.

    Do your research, bring the research with you to the doctor so that you look prepared and aware.

    usually works
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  5. Sven_Northman

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    What Silentlemon said. Hopefully the doc doesn't just tell you to wait it out. Mine did that shit to me a few years ago when I wanted to come off. "Oh, you'll get back to normal in a few months. Just give it time." Quacks.

    Do you have a trusted friend that could help you out and order it for you? That would be ideal.
  6. master.on

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    For recovery you'll only need 3 things:
    1 HCG
    2 bloodwork
    3 enough time, several months.

    you may add a 4th one: AI if bloodwork shows estrogen is rising too much.
  7. Mac11wildcat

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    I can assure you that pct and fertility protocols include more than just hcg for a reason...:confused:
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  8. Kimpe

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    I asked him for clomid or nolva, but he thinks I don't need them because my hypotalamus is fine. He gave me testosterone gel, so I could use it to quit which is a stupid plan.
    Only advantage I see the gel would have is the fact that it's out of my body quicker, so I wouldn't have to wait multiple weeks to be on the clear.

    I think I might try a different doctor, through my workplace healthcare. I'll try explaining how quitting cold turkey will have a major impact on my work capacity which is true.

    Also thanks for the tip on research. I think printing out some data about clomid and testosterone would be a really good point to make to the doctor.
    Hopefully I'll find some good studies.
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  9. Kimpe

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    Sadly my dr did just that. I also doubt any of my friends is gonna risk getting criminal charges for me..
    Tricky situation.
  10. Avies48

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    How does hcg make u feel? Any palpitations from that alone?

    If not use hcg as a standalone its actually called hcg monotherapy and is used instead of test for treatment of raising one's test levels.... I know a few guys who do this and only have to take an ai every once in a while
  11. Kimpe

    Kimpe Member

    Haven't used hcg on it's own so can't really tell.

    I made an appointment for tomorrow to see a different doctor through my workplace so its free. Hopefully he will send me to an endocrinologist who will help me.
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  12. Sven_Northman

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    Look up Reliable RX. Its not going to bring any criminal charges IMHO. Discreet packaging and timely delivery. No more eyebrow raising than getting shit from Amazon if you ask me. I believe they are based in India.
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  13. zepp

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    What did we learn from this post.

    1. you never start anything without all your ancillaries in place. Most of us vets have asin, adex, letro, nolva, clomid, hcg, caber, blood pressure meds, antibiotics.

    Think of it as a man with his tool box, you need tools to do anything in life.

    2. Use Test Acetate, the stuff can be dosed low, will be out of your system quick and I'll bet you don't have near the problems you do with overlapping esters that build up in your system. One shot of 40mg/week of test acetate will give you just barely enough to sustain your needs without feeling like shit when you bother with pct. Being off test with balls that don't work, forget it. You'll never be as good as you are when you're injecting test. The brain fog that results from balls only test when you have hypogonadism will destroy your prospects both career, social life and vigor.
  14. Kimpe

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    So I managed to get clomid with hcg.
    Did 500iu of HCG EOD for few weeks, and my boys grew nicely during that period. They almost started being on the way haha. Now it's first week of clomid. Now I'm on 25mg of clomid ED.
    Feel kinda tired but other than that ok.
  15. Clomid is no longer produced by pharmaceutical companies in Canada at least so he may need to visit a compounding pharmacy, which gets pretty expensive if you have no insurance.
  16. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member Supporter

    That's true.
    I didnt think about that, good point
  17. kosp

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    Is it the LH boost from SERMs irrelevant for you?
  18. Looks like he got it anyway.
  19. Kimpe

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    Yep but it's ugl so might be anything to be honest. That's why I'm wondering if I should just drop it, in case it happens to be something that would actually hinder my recovery.

    Also to keep a bit of journal how I'm doing, so I can read this later. Today I'm feeling anxious, tired, loss of drive and ambition, have brainfog and trouble concentrating on anything, frustrated and I feel the need to just pin some testosterone to feel better.

    Propably wasn't the best time to try quitting anyway, being low T during this coronavirus pandemic. I'm applying to school and have entrance tests coming up, and it doesn't help to have zero drive right now. Shit.

    Already questioning myself if I should even try stopping.
  20. Are you 100% sure it's the TRT causing the heart palpatations? Why don't you try and talk to your doc about coming off with nolvadex and clomid as well? Isn't it a free for all down there when it comes to being prescribed stuff at the TRT clinics? Theres no conflict of interest laws, so the doc just sends you to a pharmacy he owns and you get everything you want...
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