Need your opinion on my vision of life !

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    Hello to you meso member.
    Today I come to you for your opinion on the vision of life and also your opinion on my vision of things.

    Where to start, good question?
    In life...
    In life, I think that everything is attainable, no matter the purpose, and that there is nothing to lose, yes nothing even our own life.
    I think we are a soul, or think.
    That we are only on the earth, to be able to carry out our task, and that even if they do not arrive there, that have left, then we have a second try.
    Example: Our thinking, our soul, is sending back to another life, another body.
    That there is nothing to lose, that we must not worry about the time that passes.
    It can be that my vision of life is quite out of the ordinary, finally for the French.
    Or people of my ages 20 years old.

    With this reason, I have the impression that life is just a game, with a backup, in case of failure there is just to backtrack.
    Life is lived until death, of course, but after?

    You? how do you see life?
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    Was that just a really long way to say YOLO?
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    I simply explain what I think of life,
    I post here because the mentality of my country France is otherwise.
  4. Hoycaf

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    For us French, Yolo means:
    Live your life, you only live once.

    For me, I think they have life until the goals are reached.
    And that there are chances all the time, we are not really real.

    I can be hard to understand and explain. I am really sorry.
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    I have a similar point of view
    That's why I'm implementing

    Operation: Go Out Like McCarver

    Join me brother. JOIN US 666 666 666
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  7. Shrooms are great, aren't they?
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    Life changing
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