NeoLab test enanthate 300-- real ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by dyna5, Jul 30, 2012.

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    dyna5 Junior Member

    bottle says neolab testisterone enanthate 300 also equipoise 300 says neolab ontario canada..
    anyone ever hear of this stuff? i did hear both are actually 200 mgs although the bottle says 300.
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    deathdodger Junior Member

    I've never heard of them sorry.
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    deadwood Member

    Terrible gear. Throw it away. This stuff is flooding the market here in Toronto. It sucks so bad though.

    EDIT: You are talking about Neolab Ontario right? Not a bottle that says "NeoLabs Scientific Soluitions"???
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    musclereader Junior Member

    The problem with asking about labs is like asking for an opinion about whether a movie is good or not. It all depends on the person's experience and that can vary depending on many variables. (Also, people tend to offer opinions only if they feel strongly one way or the other).

    Neo Lab is a Canadian UG that has made it's way down to NY and the consensus is that it is like most other UG labs. It makes no sense to sell gear that's totally fake because there's simply more money is selling something that's real -- how real, however is questionable.

    Test and dbol are relativeley inexpensive to make so sometimes what is supposed to be 10 mgs of anavar is realy 2 mgs of dbol. What is supposed to be 100 mgs od Primobolan is really 25 mgs of testosterone. It's's just not "really" real.

    I can' t say what the case would be with your Test enth but my guess is that it's test enth -- but most probably lower dosed than stated.
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