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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ickyrica, Dec 4, 2016.

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    I'm kind of a dork and love science and shit like that. I get into 'do it yourself' stuff often and found my new project. if you're into home art projects you'll probably dig this.

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    That's pretty cool.

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    That looks like some shit that I could do to burn down my neighborhood... lol
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  4. insaiyan93

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    Hell yeah, stuff is cool, i watch backyard scientist alot, always doin some rad shizzit
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  5. MindlessWork

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    Awesome stuff...gonna look into trying nerdy things like this.
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    Pretty awesome, gonna try this out
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    totally exposing myself for the nerd I am now. you can buy tungsten filament online and if you're crafty enough you can turn shit like wine or liquor bottles into lightbulbs. i want to build a Jack Daniels lamp for my bar with the jack bottle as a lamp/bulb combo.
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    love this kind of
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    crazy thing is any one of us can buil this shit relatively easily. so cool.
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    I am most likely the biggest audio nutbag in Meso. if you're into audio do yourself a favor and read up on Danley Sound Labs, Matterhorn. If you like bass this will knock your socks off.

    I've been in the speaker when it was 1/20 of the way up. I needed to leave, it felt like impending doom. I don't think they go much past 10% when people are close to it. I think it was developed to fight the Taliban at the caves in Tora Bora. it would be deposited at an entrance the enemy would use and they would vibrate the fuck out of the caves, effectively drawing them out. Or so that's how the story goes....
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    I am into electronics and it is fun to fix your own electronic devices. Going to buy a Raspberry pi to play with and make it into a controller for lamps and such.
  13. ickyrica

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    Pi is cool when you're getting started. it's a good platform to understand capabilities of equipment and how much of a skill set the 'engineer' has. it's solid to learn the basics of logic, and it's cheap as fuck.
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    Tempo drop weather forecast
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  15. ickyrica

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  16. Zyzż_

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    science experiments were always a fav in school
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    it all started with potato guns and chlorine bombs...
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    harmonix is the company that makes cool games like rock band. they work out of downtown Boston and have the coolest office. I put this here because, well, they are huge nerds! their office is wicked cool but I can't have my phone out in any of the cool areas, they don't allow it. they would only let me take a pic of the elevator lobby doors :(

    gives you an idea of the office environment!!
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  20. MindlessWork

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    Now I can imagine how trippy the office spaces are, lol.