New cutting cycle for me

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  1. luex

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    Plan is to cut down my body fat.
    I’m gonna run test-e, Anavar, and teen-ace.
    1-12 test-e
    1-4 30mg anavar
    1-3 50mg Ed if tren-ace (all that I have on hand)
    Basic pct on the 16th week of clomid. What do you guys think? Just doing this cutting cycle before I bulk up here.
  2. Alemxzx

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    You didn't say how much testosterone you plan on running but I assume it's gonna be 500mg which is a good going.

    Generally 3 or 4 weeks of tren are enough. Mind you, it all depends on your goals. If you want to achieve crazy separation, vascularity and all that then no. But 300mg for 3, ideally 4 weeks, will undoubtedly have a fairly good effect on a recomp/cutting cycle.

    In your case I would run Tren as a finisher. It's not advisable to run a fast ester compound with a long ester one so as to not shut yourself down. Run both Var and Tren the last 4 weeks of your cycle.

    In conclusion it should be reminded that diet plays a key role when taking AAS. You can cut body fat on any compound out there, granted your diet is on check.
  3. AlwaysHungry

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    What is this microcutting? Keep your gear and cut naturally with some clen.
    If you cruise that’s more than enough I don’t see why you need Anavar and tren in there in low doses and short periods
  4. luex

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    Planned on running 500mg of test-e @Alemxzx pretty much a cut/recomp cycle..not happy with my body fat level at the moment and my diet has been good.

    I’ve been losing weight consistently noticing my abs to start showing more as well. I guess that’s my main issue is my abs just don’t show well but I’m lean everywhere else except for some belly fat I carry...point of the cycle was to cut that fact and carry on with a bulk after finishing this cycle...this time in less of a surplus so I keep my fat levels lower.
  5. Eman45

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    If this is your set up I would change some things around.
    Test 1-12
    Tren ace 6-12 50mg eod
    Var 9-13 30mg
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  6. tengtren

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    I would recommend using Test Propionate the whole time. And tren acetate half of it as well as the Anavar, which would look like

    1-12 Test P 75mg ED
    1-6 Tren A 50 ED
    6-12 Anavar 50 ED

    This is very simple and effective. If you really want to shine run the tren the whole 12 and the var last 8
  7. Morefyah

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    It seems like you have been on blast all year while running some heavy dosages. Now your planning another 12 week “winter cut” before starting your bulking cycle. How much time off are you planning on taking?
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  8. big unit

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    Definitely run the Anavar the last 4 weeks
  9. Marktbaby

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    Here's a question since you guys are talking about tren. First time running it and my appetite is next to nothing have any of u had this problem
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  10. tengtren

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    How much are you going
  11. Marktbaby

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    I was running 300 a week just to so how bad I would get sides and a little bit of back acne and night sweats. I upped it to 5 a week. But I looked up sides and I don't see much about no appetite so I'm not sure if that's what it's from
  12. Eman45

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    I found it to increase my appetite. I do recall seeing quite a few people having loss of appetite from tren tho. Different strokes for different folks
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  13. Big_paul

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    Since 90% of the cut is diet, with the proper diet you can make it work. Personally i would get somemore tren.

    Looks good.
  14. luex

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    I’ve put more thought into it and have decided to just cut naturally as I’ve already been making significant progress...for those who are interested or want to critique my cycle once I begin to bulk..I planned on running something like this -
    Anadrol 1-5 50mg+ Ed
    Test-e 1-12 600mg EW
    tren-ace 50mg Ed 9-12
    Anavar 30mg Ed 9-12
    Anadrol 50mg Ed 10-12 (not sure if I want to place this in again later on)
    .5 mg anastrozolone- AI -ed/eod based on my needs
    13-15 nothing
    16-19 pct of clomid
    Obvious pct of clomid pyramid stacked for 3-4 weeks
    Let me know what you guys think.
  15. luex

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    @Morefyah I’ve been taking the protocal of time on = time off including pct time. I may just post a lot about certain cycles because I like to decide and get opinions on what to do. Thanks for the concern though brother.
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    Lol wtf same avi !! I just woke up and see it and say wtf I post when I sleep?!lol
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    I had to scroll back up to see which one was the OP lol
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    there....mine will hold a dumbbell so he's actually doing something ;) @AlwaysHungry haha I didn't even realize you already had it when I changed mine!
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    To the OP. You can drop bf% while cycling just about anything. Lower your calorie intake and your bf% will start coming down as well. What are you going to use while cutting, depends on how much water are you willing to hold.
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