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    Hello fokes,
    Im using google products that are available,as we all know google prefer his own products for rankings. So suggest me some tips and tricks to be better on google ranking using google products. How better I can use them for the high ranking for my pages Like this post can be publish on google products . I posted this in other forums but could not get the responsive answer. Hope here I will get the best of the answers.
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    So you drop by any & all forums to make a few random posts in less than a minute, then drop an SEO link to your site? :rolleyes: What year is it again? That shit doesn't work anymore, son!
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    I like cheese...
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    I just ate a whole chicken
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    Someone please point out how this brand of crap differs from some of those posting in the political forum. The commonalities are that there is no intelligent exchange of ideas and both are simple blatent free advertizing with no goal what soever concerning the common good.
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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1384930128.335810.jpg has had it with your shit!!! Hahaha