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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by BabyFlex, Apr 20, 2017.

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    BabyFlex Junior Member

    Hey guys! Finally decided to stop lurking around meso like a weirdo and actually introduce myself since I am about to do my first run of Var when my shipment gets in. 26 years old and I’ve been an athlete all my life but started seriously weight training about 3 years ago. Had some IFBB pros introduce me to the competition world and got me signed up for my first competition. Competed in Figure and took home first in my class and overall. (Wasn’t a huge show, so not too impressive) Ever since then I’ve been wanting to get bigger and better and make it to the national stage. Been busy as hell lately, and my winter diet and workout routine went to shit. The last few months I’ve finally got back on my game and really want to grow some muscle as well as lean up a bit. ANYWAY. I am looking for ALL and ANY help from you smarties here. I’ve had fun stalking you all for the last few months and am excited for your guidance in my first cycle.
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    Devil3 Member

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    Ripped Member

    Welcome to meso.

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    gr8whitetrukker Member Supporter

    Well your in good company :)
    I Like that back shot.
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    Eman Member

    Welcome to Meso, nice intro.
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    BabyFlex Junior Member

    Thank you! :D Now just to add some more density
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    Kinetic Member

    First in your class and overall is a damn fine achievement, no matter what level of competition! Congrats!

    Oh, and welcome to Meso, too!
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    Beano223 Member

    Welcome to meso and don't worry we all lurked like weirdos before joining
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    Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    Welcome aboard. I lurked for like a year or more before joining.
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    Ironlord Member

    Welcome. Great achievement and nice intro.
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    Iron Vett

    Iron Vett Member

    Welcome to Meso. You have a great physique to build on.
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    Johnny442 Member

    Welcome! Great looking back!
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    Sk8man101 Member

    Welcome to meso!!
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    GearGodess Member

    Welcome my fellow figure girl! Nicely done.

    What is your training and diet look like right now and what goals do you have and time frame?

    PS. grab a labmax or other testing kit as well, we gotta ensure you test your var before you take it. We need to be sure and know what to expect or adjust as needed. Especially with all the bad and inconsistent gear floating around from what I've seen.
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    SuperMaroid Member

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    ronin17 Member

    Welcome. Lots of great info here. Stick to fact based info rather than bro lore and you will do great!
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    colossus25 Member

    First off let me congratulate you on choosing the right board. Im on 4 other boards and all of them pale in comparison to meso. Next let me say that winning over all in any show is a big achievement. With all that being said welcome to meso.
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    BabyFlex Junior Member

    Wow what an awesome welcome!! Thanks guys!! Definitely glad I did some research on which group to join! Already feel good about the people here :)
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    BabyFlex Junior Member

    I feel like I'm talking to a celebrity. Lol, I read EVERYTHING you post and reply to. Definitely have learned a lot just reading your logs and advice you've given to other people here.

    I really would like to compete again next summer. Just feel like I need to add density and size almost everywhere. Training is lifting 5xweek (about to up it to 6) and I've just started incorporating HIIT into my schedule again. Been aiming to do HIIT 5 or 6xweek. At least three of these are fasted cardio. I'd like to loose a little of this fluff I've acquired as well as put on some muscle.

    Diet has finally gotten cleaned up from where it was. So now I am doing 1650 cals a day with about 35% P, 40% C, and 25% F. I eat every 2-3 hours. At the moment all I'm taking for supplements are protein powder, BCAAs, fish oil, and a multi.

    I just ordered a labmax kit today! So hopefully it'll be here around the same time as the Var. I am also going to order another package of Var from another source just in case this one doesn't have good results from the test.

    Thank you SO much for all your help and everything you do for us girls. Let me know what you think and any advice you can think of. ;)
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    PIZZABOY Member

    Welcome. I know my diet goes to scrap in winter,its ok. Nice back:rolleyes: that shows some dedication. I never had a stalker before:)
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