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    Whats up meso. Long time lurker that has finally decided to be more serious about sharing experiences and what not with the community. My stats are as followed 30 year old Male,
    6' 2", 215lbs, about 10% bf (my last in body test said it was single digit but I feel that is slightly inaccurate. Ive been lifting for a straight 5-6 years. I focus on the big 3 for my PR and also work on OHP along with those 3 but still have extensive isolation movements I do to bring up underactive muscles and try to be as symetrical as possible. I love every minute of this life style and enjoy the time spent in the gym the most. I have no experience with AAS usage but have been doing as much research I can in my free time to get solid understanding of how to use the ancillary compounds and put together a light 400-500mg test cycle for sometime towards the end of this year. No rush to get started for me because the main reason for my moderate usage will be to see how I respond and if i do like the "on" feeling of AAS enough to get into cycling a couple times a year to see where I can push my body while still staying in a "healthy" range majority of the year with bloods. I appreciate all of the feedback and will remain as humble as possible but also contribute my .02 where I can. Thank you.
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    Thank you very much guys. I appreciate the welcome.
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