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  1. HAHA what's up there big guy? @Voltrader
    You play'n it low key around here lately?
  2. Welcome my man. Thank you for your services. Any questions just ask.

  3. Thanks brother. This is a great thing you guys are doing! Wish I would have found this earlier
  4. Voltrader

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    Man I have been busy in real life(boys football, girls basketball' band practice, dance you know exciting stuff lol!!!)...been watching from a distance. Seems like some of the newer guys have things handled for now. Fall is coming though it will pick up around here. Lot's of winter bulks usually bring a few unscrupulous characters out of the wood work. All good though TANGO nice to know one is missed. All good TEK???
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  5. I'm not doin anything my man! And it's nothing compared to what you and your fellow soldiers have done and are doing for us. I just try to give as much help here as I've gotten and I've got a long way to go!! Welcome to the team..
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  6. All is quiet my friend, got my eyes on the horizon though, just lookin for what's coming

  7. There ya are Vol!!!! Missed ya my man!!!
  8. Voltrader

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    Oh yea welcome to MEso @WARholiday4499 sorry for having a conversation in your welcome thread. Read up watch how things go down can not read enough.
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  9. Voltrader

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    Hey I only have been quiet for like a week or so. As you guys pass the baton to a new batch here in a few months you will do the same. Everybody has to learn to KEEP IT MESO right.
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  10. Ah it's all good VOL appreciate the welcoming brother.
  11. pumpingiron22

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    Welcome brother and thank you for your service to our nation.
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  12. Not a problem I enjoyed the job. Thanks bro
  13. Boilermech

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    Welcome to the Meso family.
    Thank you and much respect for your services.
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  14. Thank you sir, I'll see Ya around
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  15. Shoulders day prob going throw some tris in there too. This is my favorite time of the day
  16. Johnson513

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    Welcome @WARholiday4499 and as it has been said, much respect and thank you for your service...
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  18. Thanks bud.
  19. romaleos

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    Welcome to the show!
  20. Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids:
    Sure y'all done watched that if not enjoy lol
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