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  1. seniorcitizen

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    Hi all

    New guy. 51 yrs old. Been lifting since high school. Never ran any kind of gear until about a year ago when I started trt. Been doing lots of reading here and other places to get up to speed.

    Thanks for posting such good info.
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  2. TRT

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    Thank you for taking time and learning from our mistakes and experiences u like many others.
  3. seniorcitizen

    seniorcitizen Junior Member

    Thanks. I’ve seen you on some other threads. Good stuff!
  4. Dr JIM

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    Exclusive of TRT which seems to be associated w a small risk, age 51 is not a good time to be experimenting w AAS.

    The concern is, or should be, considerable in anyone your age with other cardiac risk factors such as; DM, HTN, inc Chol or Triglycerides, or a family HX of stroke, MI or renal failure.
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  5. BigNattyDaddy

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    Welcome. Take the advice of @Dr JIM, he is an intelligent individual.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Thx but Dr Scally is intelligent, seriously, me I’m just a regular physician who’s practice includes a few B.B., patients on TRT, and other folk running AAS for personal reasons.

    Some don’t like what I have to say bc my commentary tends to be very direct and absent all the PC nonsense.
  7. Brolloks

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    Lol. You're actually derided because you seem to have the bedside manner of a mortician. Are you miserable, single and in your 60's? I can see "NO TALKING!" signs in your waiting room.