New here (blood works 0,5 points above TRT range so i need to educate myself)

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    Hello all, first of all a great forum!

    My reason why i am here is that i start soon TRT by myself after i went to doctor for weakness, depressive, lack of libido, anxiety. Blood test showed very low T but not enough for TRT. I gonna start it mostly because i need strength and confidence for my family and job. My plan is to pin me every 10 days with 250mg Enanthate or Cypionate so that i get steady blood levels in the upper range.

    Best regards

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    Post up your blood work with the results.
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    Hello, yes sure i wanted to upload it anyway. I hope the numbers are good visible.

    Bloodwork1 is from October 2015 206 ng/dl and Bloodwork2 is from march 2016 252 ng,dl

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    Test was 252 ng/dl did I read that right? If so that low enough for the doc to throw you a script
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    The reference range for that laboratory has a low end of 144 ng/dl

    Does your country have any Low T clinics you can go to?
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    240-1100 at my lab in the States
  7. sibirianheat

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    yes you are correct 252 ng/dl.

    the low end is 164 ng/dl.

    No there aren't any low T clinics here in europe, especially not in spain. It was legally before 10 years to buy steroids OTC but the EU said nono. I speaked with my GP and said he makes himself illegally and could lose his doctor license if prescribes me Testo... but when he showed me the blood tests he made jokes about me and said i have the levels of a old man and he saw woman who had higher levels. :(

    I wasn't really frustrated because thought i can raise it naturally with supplements like zinc, 10.000 vitamin D, Nettle root, turmeric, black pepper etc. but it only rose from 200 ng/dl to 250 ng/dl some months later.

    I have tomorow another doctor appointment but this time my wife comes with me, she makes pressure on him lol she doesn't leave the room when she dont get what she want... :mad:
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    Ok so my GP and urologist said no. BUT, he sended me to a endocrinologist and thanks god i got a appointment the next day and the Endocrinologist said i need treatment. He wants to make a bone density test to see how much my bones suffered from low T and a further Blood Test for the hospital where he is located. Its a private Hospital. Overall i have good chances to get official treatment.

    For all who have low T and don't get treatment for low T, i maybe i can help you when your from Europe

    Have all a nice weekend guys

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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to Meso dude