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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Kgkle, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Kgkle

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    Hey looking for a new injection site my right shoulder is looking off from the injections not too bad but definitely need to give it a break. Where else besides glutes delts and quads are good for injections? I'm thinking about lats but fuck did they hurt last week could have been a few reasons why lol but any suggestions?
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    Yeah might try out my triceps, are they not too bad? I have some shit that hurts like a mother fucker right now lol
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    If it's got some pip n ur doing it in the delts I can't imagine the tri being much worse but it'll be virgin muscle so might have a lil more kick then ur expecting.
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    Ventroglutes. Easy to reach, they can take a high volume and if you get PIP it doesn't interfere too much with your workouts.
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    Try calves, pip will suck but I think it makes them look bigger
  9. Chest. Are you only pinning delts? That’s what I’m taking away from this based on your “needs a break” statement.
  10. TheBeat

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    My favorites are Delts (lateral and rear), Traps, and chest. Ventro-Glute would be my favorite for less frequent/higher volume doses.
  11. Oldschool

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    Have you tried the left shoulder?
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  12. How’s the pip on traps? Heard bad things but I also heard the same for chest and that’s an easy spot for me now.
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  14. Kgkle

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    Yes lol I jab them both evenly along with my glutes but I need to stop because of the tissue build up is starting to look fucked up on my one shoulder.
  15. TheBeat

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    Less painful than a lot of spots, one of the least painful for pip really. My wife was hitting them on me for awhile because it freaked me out a little, noticed how well it went and the pip was less than most other areas. Regular spot now. Don't get too close to your neck though, stay in the middle or closer to the Delt- ball up (Shrug) your trap and you'll see where it works best.

    I also left out Lats as a good spot. I like upper body for frequent shots, stuff like prop and ace. Quads are my least favorite, though I've never found it wise to try calves or biceps. I imagine calves would be self torture with pip.
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    I still can't figure out exactly where the ventroglute is I finally gave up lol. Quads I hit a nerve every time. I rely on my shoulders like op but obviously they can't take much volume
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    I pinned traps for the first time last night. Not an easy spot for me to reach, but I managed to pin 2cc. Significant PIP since it was a virgin muscle. Now if I can just find a way to reach my
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    Just as @Test_Subject said ventroglutes are great I can do 3ml and if u have pip u only really feel it if u lay on it. That’s their main benefit. I like doing the sides of my quads at the tips of my fingers if my arms r at my sides.
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    This. Once you know where it is it's a go to spot. Vg and quads for me... I only throw delts in if I'm pinning more than four times a week.
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    Careful with the chest. I fucked myself up pinning prop there. Swole up for days and now I have a cyst there.