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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by SpartacusOmega, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Been following this site for years and finally decided to make an account.
    Military type of training for over a decade. Applied power, endurance, stamina, agility, real life application.
    Just a place that feels right.
    Great place for information solid individuals, no drama zone.
    Even one man wolf pack needs a home.
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  2. Boilermech

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    Welcome home brother
  3. Thanks Bro good to be here
  4. gr8whitetrukker

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    You shall do well here. Contribute any way you can!
  5. Johnson513

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    Welcome to MESO @SpartacusOmega....
    Are you going to start that Prop soon?
    Maybe a log might be in order...
    Good to have you here....
  6. Much appreciated.
    Prop time will be soon.
    Will think about making a log...never done one before, so if anywhere this is the place to do it.
  7. Do bad things to bad people. Let the bodies hit the floor, oh contribute in the forums, my bad, yea I will do my best.
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  8. Welcome to Meso.
    How bout them Panthers?
  9. Check Rog, thanks Bro.
    We will see how they do this season.
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  10. Pimppapa1977

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    Welcome aboard!!!
  11. Right on Bro, strap in and let the journey begin.
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  12. redrum720

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    Welcome to meso
  13. Thanks Bro, time to let go and leave ordinary behind.
  14. redrum720

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    Yes indeed I've looked around other boards and it not the same not even close to Meso
  15. I second that notion.
    This place is a community unmatched by other sites.
    Just real facts, and information, no bullshit.
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  16. Marcus

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    Welcome to Meso my man... I'm sure you like it around here
  17. biggerben69

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    Gosh you've sold me."Military type training" and you use your training and finely tuned machine of a body in that sexy and mysterious explanation of your no doubt death defying career as a trained killer.
    This place just "feels right", huh. That's not the vibe of the board you're cool with its the throbbing of my fat dick about to be rub up your back side you silly little guy.
    That was one of the most flamboyantly gay first posts I can remember here. I picture you looking and posturing like the gayest Village People's memeber. You're the black haired guy with tight blue jeans , red converse(maybe? Its gay.), black leather cap and black suspenders with a hairy chest all puffed out.
    Seriously, read what you wrote or what you were told to post. Like you, I'm feeling a vibe....mines not a hard dick but the one i get when this profile you've managed to create between saving women and children and not cursing and taking all your vitamins because you knew something's been missing from your life. Post a log in regards to the company blessed by you choosing to use their lab for the cycle that is going to carry you through your next mission that could very well be deposing that raping murdering baby killer of a dictator that hates americans...especially it's heroes.
    A close second is let the bodies hit the floor post. Your confidence you exude keeps you busy fighting off the supermodels and i'll bet?
    How do you give the silly girly liar posting a bit of air so he can respond? Ask ben nicely to remove his size 14 boot from the back of her neck.
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  18. Thanks Bro, cool individuals indeed...
  19. romaleos

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    Welcome to the show!
  20. A show indeed Bro, thanks.