New malicious software is this what the hacker used

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Uglyrichie, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. puckhog

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    Brohhhhhhh. You got me all kinds of scared wanting to click that link up there...
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    Yeah not sure if I want to click that. :eek:
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    Yeah definitely not clicking that....
  4. Artifex

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    I was same , no way I click on anything lately
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    Why don't you guys posting links just code them so everyone has to copy and paste the link to see it? You'll get your post out there and not look like someone looking to farm data
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  6. ickyrica

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    When writing a post jut click on the plus symbol, select code. Put your link in that. Done deal
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  7. Uglyrichie

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    What come on you know you want to
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  8. Uglyrichie

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    Is this how you do it
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  9. Uglyrichie

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    Aw shit I'm learning new shit all the time can't wait to rub it in my daughter's face
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  10. Uglyrichie

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    There's another article that says this thing is 85 dollars and HaS customer service won't try to post that
  11. LeoTC

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    Is it bad that I wanna drop that shit into a super fucking pretentious Crypto investing group I'm part of?
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  13. Uglyrichie

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    I suck at technology and I learned something new she laughed at me because I didn't know what Snapchat was