New medtech solution inn.

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  1. Another on time arrival.
    A good amount of oils arrived sat.stock pilling gear.

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    It seems like every other day u post saying something landed from some were I'm curious why not to be a dick but unless u have multiple bloods or testing done on it wats the point most source will send u something the important part is what's in the bottle
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  3. Every day sorry bro. Anyways what does it matter to u what I post or how much gear I stock or any1 for the fact of the matter I’ll do and say and post what I will any 1 else hear.
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    I didn't say everyday an It doesn't matter to me at all an I'm not saying u can't post it I am just curious what your motives are do u want people to know u get gear a lot or are u repping for labs im just wondering
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  5. Motives non,I just like showing off my gear.i Rep. for no labs I currently stock 3 to 4 labs that’s all sorry if I came off like a dick.
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    All good bro I know it sounded like a dick question I was just curious
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