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    I have lurked around on and off over the years. But don't think I ever had an a account here. I figured it was time.

    It seems some of my old haunts for forums are long gone. But they definitely had their bs to sort through, so I am sure this will be a better fit.

    I have been on trt for last 8 ish years. Every thing from local doc, online clinics to running ugls's for my trt. An injury, the stress of it all, literally years of hardly any sleep with as bad as the pain was all helped to tank my T levels to non existent. It took several years to get things dialed in and really understand it all. With as bad as some of these online clinics and their compounding pharmacies have gotten. Ie dirty gear, bad pip, busted selling counterfeit and or bunk products I was like done. I'll just go back to ugls if that's the crap I have to deal with. So what I have been doing for last few months again. I have run blasts in the past and many many moons ago some decent cycles.

    Thanks for having me here. I look forward to learning more and hopefully offering insight to others in need on the trt journey. The docs etc left me to figure out on my own to get my T levels checked after I got hurt initially and kept getting repeated minor injuries in physical therapy. Like someone flipped the switch on my bodies ability to heal, make strength or size gains. I lost a lot muscle and strength after the injury.