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Cavs or Warriors

  1. Cleveland

  2. Golden State

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    FE420D0F-9134-4202-9C27-A5F04229A4C8.jpeg 651001FB-814A-4C9D-B69A-0A462692EA00.jpeg BDC83BCF-446F-410B-AE59-67419DAE369C.jpeg Not really new same account just got refreshed due to inactivity I suppose. Gone 13 months glad to be a freeman again.
    26, 6’2, 195. Currently running 500mg test e, 20mg dbol pre workout, 25mg aromasin eod. Stopped the dbol though. I love the pump just don’t care for the bloat. Goal is to get to 215. Test from sas, and orals from pcom. Always looking for advise and constructive criticism. This is my second test only cycle I still have a lot to learn. I want to run Deca next. Good to be back in th gym feel free to roast away