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    Hey there, I've been just lurking and reading people posts over the past few months and have decided to join. I have been lifting on and off for the last 10 years and decided to go all in. I have dedicated this last year to getting my training and diet into top shape. I have been dealing with back issues due to work and hope this regime will help solve it. I am currently 42years old 5'5 165lbs, lift 5-6x a week. My goal is to be around 185-190lbs. thanks for reading...

    this pic is from 2years back when I was 150lbs, not much to look at but hopefully things only get better.
  2. A fellow shorty. i'm 5'5" as well. Welcome to Meso.
    Am i to assume you've never dabbled in exogenous hormones?
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    Welcome aboard my man! Nice to have another “old” guy, I’m 41 myself.
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    thanks guys...
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    I did a few months back, but was very disappointed. No labwork to prove anything though..No gains, no sides. Lesson learned..Very hard to get labwork done in my area, need a doc to send it to the lab...
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