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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Ironladybug, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Ironladybug

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    New to this forum,been reading for a few months and thought I'd say hello.
    My husband, Manny is a member here and has turned me into researching anabolics.
    I have to say that it seems a little manic at times here at Meso with all the mudslinging and shit talking but I guess that's what you get when you have a bunch of guys on testosterone and no women to keep them in line!! ;)
    I was hesitant to do an intro since I'm a woman and there aren't really any here besides the gal from Ireland. I look forward to talking to you.
    I'm here to learn and contribute, ask questions and absorb the most that I can.
    I train with my husband, I kickbox, was a gymnast and have a degree in badassery. We train 5 days a week sometimes more. Our caloric intake isn't counted but is clean.
    I love staying and being in shape, being strong, looking strong, feeling strong and having a good time all while keeping my degree! There aren't that many people that are at the gym we go to so it's nice, don't have to wait for equipment etc.
    So...that's about it I guess. Well see how this goes, where are all my women at!!??
  2. Manny

    Manny Member

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  3. MindlessWork

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    Welcome to meso and your hubby is well spoken of here. Yes it can get frantic in here, lol
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  4. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    Welcome Mrs. Manny.
    There were more women here. They come and go.
    Now that youre here you should get buff. Like really buff. Like Chyna!
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  5. Manny

    Manny Member

    Haha, hella fuck no!!!! Way too big! She already has some great gains.
  6. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    C'mon bro...lol

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  7. Seven

    Seven Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Welcome to MESO!!

    Degree in "badassery" Lol....That's awesome!!

    Got any sisters???
  8. Notits

    Notits Member

    Welcome ladybug, glad that you finally joined up here!
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  9. *Hawk

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  10. Welcome to MESO...
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    MANWHORE Member

    Welcome LadyBug ..
    BTW your husband is sexy as hell :cool:
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  12. Manny

    Manny Member

    Haha, glad you think so too Mh!!
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  13. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

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  14. boston597

    boston597 Member

    Well if you Manny's girl then u got to be a pretty solid chick.Thats my boy ,top knoch brother rite there.ive learned alot from that boy .Welcome to messo ! lol its a mess at times I think more often than not, probly why most of us are still here.
  15. Notits

    Notits Member

    She keeps Manny in-line so we know she's no bullshit!
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  16. Manny

    Manny Member

    Yes she does @Notits thx boston, she's a true woman that has me by the raisins!!!! Bahhhh
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  17. Manny

    Manny Member

    Just a peek at the calves that I get to rub and envy!! I'm pretty sure most of us guys that aren't over 250 are envious. I have me some meat down there but this shit comes from yrs of training on her toes as well as having a fucking degree!!

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  18. Notits

    Notits Member

    Aim that camera a little higher brother ;)
  19. Manny

    Manny Member

    Haha, you've already seen my man. I'm going to go slow so I don't blast her out of the water now that she's here. ;)
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  20. Ngtmarpete

    Ngtmarpete Member

    Welcome to Meso Mrs. Manny! Hope your research goes well and you find what you are looking for.

    Curious... Are you looking to compete? My wife does Bikini.
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