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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by CircaSurvive, Nov 18, 2018.

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    what’s up guys, just wanted to leave a little introduction and fall in line with protocol here... look forward to being an active member of this community

    28 years old, 6’2” 215lbs, all natural as of now... 17.5% body fat... played college baseball and a little independent minor league ball... turned into a raging alcoholic after that and am currently clean and sober, slowly but surely piecing all the aspects of my life back together... been back at it hard for about 8 months now and was always interested in steroids for maximum performance.

    Went to a powerhouse football HS where steroids were the norm.. I myself played hockey and baseball and although I was tempted, never jumped in. Torn on whether or not I regret it.

    Here to do my due dillegence before jumping into a test/Anavar first cycle. Look forward to taking in as much information as I can.

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    Welcome, a testosterone only cycle is typically recommended for the first one.
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    Thanks man, appreciate the advice
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    Welcome to Meso. Read up and learn all you can. I second what @BigNattyDaddy said on the first cycle - you can never go wrong on it.
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    Welcome to Meso rx. There is no other board like it on the net. Hands down the best around.
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    Getting that message count up @Big_paul? ;)