New member looking to do my first cycle.

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by McAl Dell, Apr 21, 2018.

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    I became a member at meso because I saw alot of great info on the forum. I saw Bill Roberts 6 week short cycles about a year ago. I have been lurking on this forum and reading up quite a bit sense then, and am ready to give it a go. I'm looking to get to my genetic potential alot faster than natty, but want to do it steadily over the course of a year or so. Any advice would be great.
    Hight 5'11
    Weight 210
    Bench 285
    Squat 495
    Dead 520
    I am looking at ugl for a good source. Looking to do a 6 week cycle
    My stack for my cycle
    Days 1-12
    tren ace 50 mg eod
    Npp 75 mg ed
    D-bol 50 mg ed
    Add clomid 50 mg ed stating on day 8 - 21
    aromasin 12.5 mg eod
    Days 12-14
    D-bol 50 mg
    Clomid 50mg now high enough for effective pct
    Aromasin 6mg eod
    Week 3-4
    20 mg d-bol ed morning
    Clomid 50 mg ed
    Aromasin 6 mg eod
    Week 5-6
    No aas or pct clean getting ready for next cycle.
    Maybe run gw501516 20 mg a day to keep cardio up while using tren use that for weeks 1-2 and 5-6 to keep gains while off the aas

    Is 20 mg d-bol in the morning going to cut into my pct recovery? And will adding the npp to Bill Roberts cycle benifical I cut the tren ace dose in half and replaced it with 500 mg npp a week for 12 days.
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    Well you dont see that often. Back to the drawing board, do some research on a good beginner cycle ie. 500mg test with a proper pct and ai.
  3. Wow. Talk about reinventing the wheel.

    i don't even know where to start. Well, that's not true, i would start by taking this entire routine and throwing it out.

    There's a reason why the majority preach to start your AAS adventure with just Test. But, as history dictates, you probably won't take that advice and run with this "everything but the kitchen sink" cycle you got here.

    Good day and good luck to you, sir.
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    “Lurking on Meso and reading up quite a bit” BULLSHIT

    Your “cycle” is so full of holes
    many of Meso’s PARTICIPATING novices could drive a Mac truck
    thru them.

    Reach your genetic potential by
    using AAS LMAO!

    Good luck KIDDO!
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    That's why I haven't picked up any gear yet. Wanted to out my idea out there and see what you all thought about it.
  6. The 3 replies say it all. Save the derivatives for future runs.
    Test is best, especially on your first run.
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    Bro, don't expect building an awesome body in one cycle because you ran all the compounds. You'll get there with patience. Start with a simple, test only cycle.
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    I like oxymoron's also Doc.
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    Just run test, brother. Look at what other beginner cycles look like length/type of T/ dosage changes throughout the cycle/and as was mentioned, appropriate pct. Know why you are choosing what you choose! It's your life and body we are talking about. There may be some variances in these categories, but not many, and the one that never changes is doing a solo Test run your first time out. Get bloodwork, at least pre and post cycle.
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    You just won Meso’s highly coveted “Fucked up cycle of the week” award!

    Congratulations. You’ve earned it.
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    This cycle is so fucked up I don’t even know where to start.

    tren and npp together?
    No test?
    clomid 50mg while on cycle?
    pct apparently just 1 week of doing nothing? Or is your pct supposed to be Dbol at 20mg for 3 weeks?

    You have months and months of reading to do.

    My advice..
    1: Start by reading every single page, of every sticky, in every subforum on this board.
    2: Get bloodwork done
    3: Use the search bar
    4: Post a picture of your girlfriends tits
    5: I think @Eman has a pretty good thread on first time cycles, maybe if you do those first 4 things he’ll link it to you
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    Not me... But this reminds me of a guy at my gym. Tapering down on sustanon, until he gets to 250mg a week and then he's running pct drugs and then blasting again without ever dropping the sust. Hmm, ok...

    This cycle just looks like OP picked hormone names out of a hat.

    I've considered writing something for first time cycles... But the guides become redundant and end up causing more questions because my information will inevitably conflict with other posts. The recommendation stands to simply read read read until you just 'get it'.
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    There’s only ONE proven “cycle”
    with respect to harm reduction for Meso’s youngsters and that’s 90% of our newcomers:
    - testosterone nothing more and nothing less.
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    Damn. I could have sworn it was you, I even searched threw key words with your name in the “posted by” bar haha.

    Well someone around here wrote a pretty comperhensive first time cycle thingy.
  15. Sk8man101

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    absolutely agree with you.

    Except with that last sentence most people read for 1 or 2 weeks and think they “get it”.
    I feel like the hardest part is trying to convince people how ‘not ready’ they are.
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  17. McAl Dell

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    Yeah I got all excited when I decided I will do a aas cycle. Reading the fourms of guys who have been in the game for years that are huge and using tons of gear and I jumped the gun lol. That's why I came to this fourm before buying any gear/achillaries. Now that im back to the world of logic I still haven't pulled the trigger on a cycle yet still need to lean out a bit and I want to hit 300 for bench and 500 for squat first. I moved my squat form ass to grass to parrell 4 months back and my back loves me for it. And I have change my tune on roids looking for a 300 to 600 mg/ week test cycle when my progression stops. And a tren ace cycle down the road as well. Thanks for the replies everyone.
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