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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by MonkeyKingAnabolic, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. MonkeyKingAnabolic

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    Hello All,

    I'm MK. I've been lifting on and off for the last 8 years. currently I'm on cycle. Current cycle is:
    1800mg sustain
    1000mg deca
    1000mg eq
    1000mg trestolone
    100mg Anadrol
    60mg dbol
    75mg Anavar
    30mg superdrol
    150mg proviron
    10iu hgh

    My current stats are 5'10" 226lbs 11%bf. I'm excited to be a part of the community and seeing what Meso has to offer as well as sharing my personal knowledge and experiences.
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  2. BigNattyDaddy

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  3. tengtren

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    Jesus man

    I'm TenGrams.

    You take more drugs than me :eek:

    Are you lactating on that trest or what
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  4. Mac11wildcat

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    Ok. Hell of a first post. What’s your goal with literally 10g of gear a week...?
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  5. Morefyah

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    I love Trest! :)
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  6. Keepittight

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    I'd like to see your physique?
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  7. Keepittight

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    @ebkallday have a feeling he's bostin lloyd lol 1G trest are you fucking serious??? Lol
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  8. ebkallday

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    I think since we got to see hits girlfriend's tits, he needs to show us what a 5gram physique looks like.
  9. BigNattyDaddy

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  10. Keepittight

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    Bro it's not just a 5G physique. Hes on a gram of trest! A gram!!!!!
  11. Keepittight

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    I need to know how much AI !!! Lol no way he's under like fucking 2.5 letero twice a day lol

    He's got the gram of trest !!! 60 dbol and 1800 just another gram of EQ the list goes on omg