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    Hello All,

    I am 40 years old and have recently been contemplating starting using anabolics and have been reading around similar forums for about a month. I started working out consistently at the gym for about 15 months after about a 2 year break after my previous gym closed down. During that time I was mainly doing calisthenics and dumbbell workouts at home. In my previous experience working out I was able to get in athletic shape in about 6-8 months and more recently I haven't been able to get into the shape I was previously. When I started researching a few weeks ago I immediately placed and order for some anabolics which wasn't the best idea as I hadn't completed any baseline labs or researched potential side effects. This brought me to a doctors office for the first time in a few years and I had several lab tests completed.

    Total testosterone: 574 ng/ml
    Free testosterone: 101 pg/ml
    Estradiol: 35 pg/ml
    FSH: 1.6 mIU/ml
    LH: 4 mIU/ml

    I have been advised by my doctor all of these levels are within the normal ranges.

    I am here to get advise, research and weight the risks vs benefits of starting anabolics.