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    Hey squad,

    New to online gear talk, this is my first ever *membership to a forum like this. I've done plenty of shadow lurking over the years, because FUCK YEAH, SCIENCE. I'll give a breakdown of what I'm working with, let me know if I miss any information about myself that would be important for when I start a thread. Feel free to be brutally honest about anything, I'm not the type to get butt hurt. I invite all support/criticism even for the sake of debate.

    Age: 31
    Height: 6'5"
    Current BF: 19%(ish)
    Current body weight: 285 lbs (range between 280-310 lbs depending on season)
    Have competed in: Powerlifting, Strongman and Highland Games
    Experience: Started in high school powerlifting at 16 years old, caught the bug and haven't stopped since. Started taking training seriously for college football when I was 19-20 years old.
    PR's: Raw total 1680 lbs - Bench 465, Squat 545, Dead 670 @290 lbs bw
    225 Bench for reps: 33 @ 310 lbs
    40 yd: 4.79 sec @ 310 lbs

    Had bloods done a few weeks ago and everything looks solid so I'm ready to GIT IT. I joined here to run thoughts on my next cycle with all you fine gents.

    Natural test levels sit around 700-800

    3 cycles of experience -

    1) 2014 - 300mg Test E/wk for (16 wks), Clom/nolva for pct

    2) 2015 - 500mg Cyp/wk (16 wks), 30mg Anavar/day (wks 10-16) Clom/Nolva for PCT - Had added Deca in at week 4 for 3-4 weeks and didn't like the way it made me feel, so I stopped. My junk worked fine, I just didn't like the head space it put me in. This was the year I had my best raw total.

    3) Mid 2017 - 500mg Cyp/wk (16 wks), tren E 400mg/wk (wks 4-12), 30mg Anavar/day (wks 10-16) - hcg/Clom/Nolva for PCT. This cycle was just for me to see how I would react and do new things, nothing to do with competition goals.

    I've never had to run any kinda of cycle support (adex/aromasin). Other than the 3 or 4 weeks of Deca that made me feel "not right" and an insane amount of night sweats while on Tren, I've never had any serious sides that I'm aware of. Unless you count wanting to fuck everything that moves a "side effect."

    I've always been all about low and slow with ANY kind of drug I'm putting in my body, less dosage over longer periods makes me feel more comfortable mentally. End of 3rd cycle is by far the leanest I've ever been, abs at the top but not the bottom. Grew and dropped down to about 275 lbs which felt really comfortable. I'll say now that I don't give two shits about being super crazy lean at this point in time, I have no plans of ever stepping on stage for a show. However, I'd probably dominate a bikini class.

    I was in a fairly serious car accident in 2015 and continue to have some issues with my C1-C7 staying in line. They keep me from going crazy hard, but will never keep me from being what I am. After the accident I decided I would no longer be involved in Powerlifting or Strongman. From years of football, rugby and training, I am still training because I love it and would like to keep my joints safe while doing so. I WILL compete in Highland games at the end of this year, I'm not taking it extremely seriously, it's a charity event for a friend who wants me to do it and represent his business. Have not been in serious competition since 2015 best raw total.
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    Welcome to meso man! Good to have you.