New mts inn.

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  1. New mts. Pack inn. Not saying to buy,not telling anyone who to order from I know that they have had ups and down but myself as well as alote of other pro.s and amateurs are still having good luck with these guys.

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  2. MTS?
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    What do you mean by ups and downs?
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    "myself as well as alote of other pro.s" just curious can you please name just 2 Pro's that is using that gear. or if your struggling just 1 will do.. Just interested to know what "Pro's" are using this stuff.
  5. Deff. ain’t nameing any pro.s using this or any gear when do u ever see them admitting to it.
  6. Medtech solutions.
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  7. There were issues on other boards way back people claiming underdosed gear and this and that,but there was no real proof to show, and we all know if there ever was real proof it happens ever lab from
    Kalpa,Dragon Pharma,axio,Alpha Pharma have all had issues be4. And have always fixed the issues and redeemed them selfs.
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    Medtech solution if it’s the brand from uk , it isn’t good... there are few lab test on anaboliclab archive
  9. I totally get what your saying the older test like I’ve said be4. Along with other labs they all have issues.and long as there fixed that’s what matters.ill actuallyy be posting new image just got another pack in yest. Kalpa,naps,Dragon Pharma,uncle z,wildcat have all had issues and have been able to fix them.but to each there own there producing great results for me and friends.