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    Well I'm not that old at 36 but feeling the slow down I suppose. I have always been a super hard gainer. In my early 20's I joined Gold's Gym in Austin at 6'1" 145lbs. I was able to get up to 158 lbs on a program devised by a super hot female trainer. At one point she said "your freaky lean stop doing cardio" and I replied that" I havn't done any". I ended up going to the doctor and he advised I should stay out of the gym a few weeks and I never returned. Fast forward and I have gone from 150 to 185 since 2014. I have creeped these forums since 14 and I just figured its time to up the ante. I look forward to any advise from hardgainers and will try to be as involved as I can as I prepare to cycle in October.
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    What’s ur diet like i hear this all the time ...i thought i was a hard gainer turns out i wasn’t eating enough and didn’t know shit about nutrition ...
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    Iearned that lesson in my 20s. I was working out at golds and was complaining about not making gains to a friend. An older body builder asked me that same question and made me feel stupid, then took me under his wing taught me about nutrition and thankfully these days I'm sitting at 240 and bf is usually between 14 and 17 %.
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    200 g protein 200 g carb 250 g fats Ill add a couple shakes to that when I'm bulking. If I can just maintain in the summer Ill be feeling good. I'm open to any and all advice thanks guys.