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    Technically i joined in 2013 but like most men getting up there in age i forgot all my passwords Was once known as Twistulikepretzel .From Canada 5 foot 10 230 lbs 14% body was heavier due to the legalization in 2018 been in a haze ever since .Just completed garage home gym to get threw this crazyness going on in the world .so hope all is well with everyone hope everyone is in good health staying safe .And keeping a stable mental health very stressful times .So good to be back and looking forward to many many more adventures.
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  2. Welcome back

    That's some solid size.
    I need to get my ass in gear on more weight etc for my home gym, that's for sure, even when gyms open, it's still going to suck
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    i have always had a large frame to work with for me i have to work real hard to stay lean had to really clamp down on diet , started to gain weight around 2018 lol i blame legal recreation . Yeah, sucks Gyms never gonna be the same for sure unless bars and weights have disposable bags to put over for every gym member ,pine sol showers and isopropyl ball washes for all who enter ..