New Source Friday (Domestic US)!!!!!!!

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    No, I am not sourcing, but come on, you all got excited on Vday Friday thinking a new source has finally arrived. Imagine “NoahLabs” lol
    Who will claim the infamous “First!!” Reply to the thread you thought, to only open it to disappointment.
    You know you want to say “titties with your name on it or GTFO”!!

    But really, where are all the new sources? Stan and Sym here taking the majority of the load. Best gear swearing he is selling his “Lambo Gear”
    Where are you rebranded fucks? @Olympia Labs @sasquatch @giantlabs @Atlantic Labs @Gemstone Pharma @acendantlabs @Sparta @Venom @Trenity
    Pristine you know you still coming up with the most amazing comeback story ever involving how you slipped into a coma and lost your phone but came back to make it right again.
    Who knows maybe TGI’s girl will carry his torch, and rebrand TitaniumGirlIndustries

    Just lookin for some excitement one of these Friday’s one Day, need another Jelly Bean Contest!!! Want to see Dino Becky and Jay return!
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    Fuck you @Bestgear

    And it was Becca, not Becky. Geez. But she did have some nice tits.

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    First to ask for nudes
  4. Kpaxi

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    First to ask if this source is G2G
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  5. Been running Noah labs for a couple months. Cyp 300 / trenA / primo and cialis. Only two infections and my dick fell off into the toilet. Will post bloods soon
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  6. Kpaxi

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    Pinned his “Arnold juice”. Got a weird itching in my private parts. Wondering if pain when needle goes into skin is normal. Other than that my lifts went up 4 lbs so I say it’s good to go. Took bloods right after I pinned. (Approx 45 mins) feel like that was a good timing. How do I read them?
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  7. Sven_Northman

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    Love this lab. You can check out my "feelzzz report" in the new Anectodal Section. He has some tren like Anavar thats the bomb. ;)
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  8. Kpaxi

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    He sends packs “signature on delivery” that’s fine right? Via USPS
  9. iamnightowl

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    Bro I got the test results back from Jano.

  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    That definitely looks like a legit Jano report!!!
  11. Noah86

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    All emails have been answered and all packs have been dropped off already. Running low on Test E 250 and tren both esters , will be in the lab all day today compounding and will update pastebin once inventory is evaluated.
    Raws have been sent in for testing to @janoshik and waiting for results. Donation to AL has been complete.

    Also forgot to mention my brewing process, this is my method and not copied from anywhere else, it’s original:


    Our brewing process starts by sourcing quality raws. Each batch is 3rd party tested by our raw source, the results are sent to us before ordering. Once the raws touch down they are visually inspected and melt point tested in house with a digital hot plate and infrared thermometer, increasing heat very slowly to determine the melting point of the raws and compare them to the standard of each. A professional melt point apparatus is something we will invest in in the near future.


    Vials/Media Bottles:

    1. Wash with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with demineralized water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Rinse with distilled water then left to air dry

    5. Bake at 350° for 30min in a professional grade dry heat sterilization unit (pictures included below), foil covering openings

    Stoppers/receiver caps:

    1. Rinse in isopropanol alcohol for 30mins

    2. Rinse in distilled water then left to air dry

    3. Use for capping immediately following air dry process

    All mixing glassware:

    1. Wash vials with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with distilled water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Air dry

    Seripettor (Professional dispensing tool):

    1. Wash with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with distilled water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Air dry


    We filter everything with the following method:

    1. Using a peristaltic pump, unfiltered oil is filtered through a .45micron inline filter to Receiver Flask A.

    2. Peristaltic pump line is flushed with isopropyl alcohol, allowed to dry.

    3. .45micron-filtered oil from Receiver Flask A is pumped through .22micron inline filter to Receiver Flask B.

    4. Repeat Step 2.

    5. .22micron-filtered oil from Receiver Flask B is pumped through .22micron inline filter again to Receiver Flask C.

    6. Receiver Flask C is then ready for dispensing or stored in a dark, cool, non-ventilated space.

    Sound official enough?
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  12. Holy fuck
    You're killing me lmao

  13. Honestly

    Better than probably 90% of the recent New source intros.

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  14. janoshik

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    the fuck you guys doing on valentine's :D
  15. iGone

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    First pack td 37 minutes ago, no pip, 3ml went in smooth as butter in my left calf.
    Already have a pump and I haven't done anything except pick up my Pomeranian and give my girlfriend a slap on the ass before she goes to her bull's house.
    Bonerzzzzz and gainzzzz are on the way brothers, this fiya shit is g2g
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    Take my money!!!
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    Sources are supposed to stay in their own thread. We know you are behind 90% of the UGLs that source here but this clearly isn’t one of them.
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  18. Elroy Jetson

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    Id be careful with that. It’s an advanced method.
  19. Elroy Jetson

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    Damn, I am amused every time I drop by meso. You guys are hilarious. All these white knights are oblivious. Half the people “vetting” these new sources are simply defending their interests elsewhere. You guys haven’t a clue what goes on behind the scenes because if you did you’d feel as stupid as you look. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Plain and simple. Hope it doesn’t turn out to bite you.
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    Personal checks ok? I want in! Actually can you just spot me, I’m a little short and then I can come meet you to pay with my Amex, then I have 90 days to pay that cause I’m broke as fuck. Deal?