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Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by MamaLifts, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. MamaLifts

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    Hey y'all! I've been studying up on here for quite a while.. Finally a member! :cool: Appreciate everyone sharing their knowledge. Y'all are great!

    A little info about me- I'm 30, 5'3.5", & around 130 lbs. I ran two Var cycles this past year with good results & will be running a Primo cycle before long. Placing my order in a couple of days.. yay! :D Will try to keep a progress log while on cycle for those interested.
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    Hey, welcome
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    Is that you in your avatar pic? Impressive if so...

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    Welcome to Meso
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  6. MamaLifts

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    Thanks for the welcome guys:)

    Yes, that's me.. Thanks!
  7. franchise24

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  8. MamaLifts

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    Thanks! Excited to be an official member & not just a lurker, ha

    I'm contemplating a keto-style diet this round. My goal is to lean out more to reveal the gains I've been able to make this past year. Hoping two weeks will be enough time to adjust to the diet while I wait on my gear. I've done this type of diet in the past (postpartum) & was able to drop fat quickly, but it wasn't while lifting. Different ballgame now & I hope I can perform well without as many carbs. From what I've read, it should be alright.. We shall see!
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  9. franchise24

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    Keto is a great tool. Rumors have that many pro athletes in basketball and baseball use Keto. Some retired football players have switch to keto. Like you mentioned less carbs will hinder your strength some. But our bodies are amazing and you will adapt to the lower carb intake.
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  11. ddp7

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    But she could eat her carbs in the night.Just sayin
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    welcome! Good to see another female member posting! And yeah, your tris are kickin it!
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    Thank you, Ogh! Putting in that work :D

    In the night, eh? o_O
  14. MamaLifts

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    Thank you! Glad to be here!
  15. ddp7

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    Yeah in night the Insulin sensitivity increases,then your carbs are less likely to turn into fat.Just try
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    Do most of the newbies get hit up via PM? Apparently there's a "better board with nicer people and lots of good sources" I should go to. SMH.

    We may be new, but that doesn't make us ignorant! GTF
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    Welcome to Meso! There is no better board, by the way.
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    Thanks! & I didn't think so ;)
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    Woh your tris are savage AF.

    Well there goes my ego..
    Welcome op!
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  20. Sk8man101

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    Dude wtf? Sounds like we got a planet fitness member lurking around the pms!
    Just show em your tricep they'll leave you alone.
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