New to Meso and new to HGH, from ASF

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    Hi everyone,

    A little about me
    29 yrs old
    ~12-15% body fat
    I eat a Keto Diet for my health. It's helped keep my blood pressure and bloat at bay while cycling. I don't need meds anymore to control bp and water retention. On a traditional bodybuilding diet I was a bloated moon face mess lol.

    I started cycling ablout 3 years ago slowly, with just trt Test and gradually increasing the dose; then Test + Deca; then Test + Deca + Dbol; then Test + tren. Using arimidex and adding prami for Deca and Tren.

    Through my cycles I put on a bunch of weight and was up to 200lbs from 150lbs but wasn't happy with the way I looked. Everyone says you need to eat like crazy and so I did, and I seemed to put on quite a bit more than muscle, got to around 18-20% body fat and nice and moon faced. Not a look I liked.

    So I went on a long cruise and cut. I now am back on cycle with just Test E 750mg a week. I like just straight Test because it's much easier to manage the sides/bloat.

    I'm a mostly inactive member at ASF I was really only active when trying to find a good source and once I found one, I haven't looked back. I currently source everything from Basic after being burned by Hammer, you can't blame me for not trusting the smaller UGL's so much.

    Anyways, I'm looking to add HGH to my belt and Basic is usually out of stock of HGH and even when they're not, I'm not sure I can afford it regardless. So I've been looking around and I've heard a lot about TP.

    He's got great prices and supposed legendary quality. So why isn't he on this forum, or ASF? Actually the only forum I've found him on is BOP and they have a bad rep as far as forums go. So I'm a little confused. This whole game is confusing and the tons of reading I've done tends to send me in circles.

    I'm open to critique and discussion, and would love to here some thoughts on why a great source is only on a not so great forum? I know Meso has a reputation for really putting sources through the ropes, so that's why I've come here for some wisdom, so lay it on me =D

    I hope I didn't break any forum rules, from what I gather Meso isn't really censored? Which is part of what makes it so great? I'm not sure, everything is SO hard to find and so cryptic and so time consuming to filter through.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome. I'm on a number of forums but only active on about 3. I find meso the best as it's a pretty good discussion board with knowledgable members, and some good sources if you look around.

    I wasn't a member when TP was here, but heard he was active on here in the past. Don't know the story but he left, he's also on bop in addition to professional muscle.

    In regards to hgh, there is a source called Opti who has great labs and bloodwork backing his up. No one is as cheap as TP, but you might want to take a look at the underground and read his thread.

    Glad you joined...
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  3. Krimzun

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    Thanks for your help again, it's much appreciated.

    After some more digging around on professional muscle for TP I noticed they're trying to cover something up from meso. People are getting banned when bringing up old threads from meso and saying that it doesn't matter because it's in the past. I know hormones can run hot in groups like these lol, but still seemed extreme to be so ban happy. Smells fishy I'd say.

    Funnily a part of me wants to agree with them and say it's ok, as long as everything is all good now right? I mean for those prices all is forgiven lol. But no really, I don't want to get burned again. I'll take a closer look at Opti.

    Seems hardest to find good hgh. Is eroids legit? And how come someone like Opti or TP isn't on there. Going to have to guess it's because they don't have a website? Don't see why that would stop there from just being reviews.
  4. Tiredandhot

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    I'm not aware of that thread on PM where meso members are getting banned, can you provide me a link?

    I'd be careful on eroids, some are legit but I'd be careful. TP does have a site, tho opti doesn't. Also godtropin is on here with good reviews.

    Lmk what your talking about on PM.
  5. Krimzun

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    Professional Muscle

    It starts at this page, and then banned on the next. Also some more removed comments on the last page for supposedly shipping info. Just noticed the link to the Meso thread is still there actually. But I don't have time to read it all now. Will have to look into it more later.

    I'm not trying to stir the pot or start anything, I just want a good source with a good price, and last time I got lured in by prices that seemed too good to be true, they were. It was the ol' HUGE sale and disappear act. What's worse is they sometimes come back under a different name.
  6. T-Bagger

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    Eroids is garbage. Even though we don’t give a g2g on sources, testing speaks volumes. Check out Opti’s threads. And to be perfectly honest, unless it’s pharma, nearly all GH comes from the same plant in China.

    Source boards get money or free gear from their sponsors, so yeah - they’ll ban anyone who messes with their bread & butter.

    Oh, and welcome to Meso.
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  7. Tiredandhot

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    Read a little bit of that. I can't stand professional muscle, that is the worse and most moderated site. I was banned for simply mentioning another DNP source on there, only because they were not a paying source.

    Just do your own research in the underground here, you'll find what you're looking for.
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  8. Krimzun

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    It's funny you say that because isn't that what's supposed to set Opti apart and justify his prices, is it's from a GMP facility. What do you think about that? Obviously I value knowing I'm getting high quality shit, hence why I've stuck with Basic.

    Speaking of basic, I found it strange that Mighty-Mouse doesn't like Pharmacom hgh. I thought they were as good as pharma grade, maybe he got a counterfeit not from basic? I know he's a trusted member that's why I ask. I even remember that name from when I first went looking for my first good source. I know I've seen them post reports of counterfeits they've identified. What sold me originally was the production videos and whatnot, unless they're fabricated. Plus all the big name members, at least at ASF, said they were next best thing to pharm grade.

    I didn't even think about the fact that the forums are putting money in someones pocket, and just much influence that has on what you see around the sites.
  9. T-Bagger

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    I could be mistaken on his source and all we have is his word that they are really from a GMP facility. But if I’m not mistaken, I’m quite certain these are from China regardless. They’re definitely not pharma.

    @Mighty-mouse - your opinion on Pcom’s GH?

    Yeah, think about it bro - source boards or any board for that matter are collecting SOMETHING, otherwise, sources wouldn’t be protected like they are. If you can’t speak against a source, know that SOMEONE is receiving SOMETHING.
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  10. Tiredandhot

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    You talking about basicstero pharmatropin?
  11. Krimzun

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    Right, they claim to be the direct seller, and others are redistributers. They've had issues with people counterfeiting their stuff.

    I was going through Dr. Jim's hgh quantitive assays and Pharmacom was on the money in one sample and not in the next. But the source wasn't basic. Almost everyone they tested was way off except for TP black tops funnily.

    Granted from my limited understanding of their 50 or so pages I read they came the conclusion that their testing methods were insufficiently accurate.

    A Serostim Pharma grade tested at about 50% of what it should have, meaning their methods are not accurate or it was a counterfeit, and that was one big issue they had.

    I couldn't find more recent tests so I think I may be right that they gave up on it because it was deemed not reliably accurate? Or maybe I'm just not so good at searching and sorting through all these threads lol.
  12. Mighty-mouse

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    Pharmacom is what pharmacom is. It is a UGL from China. That is it. Yeah they produce a shit ton and probably don’t produce the hgh.

    My opinion....... I believe it was a peptide of some sort but not true hgh. I did a 3hr serum test and scored 59 on it..... out of the ballpark then 6 weeks later after pinning 4iu a day I scored a 165. That is lower than my last base igf numbers of 220’s.

    I bought the kits from Darius who buys directly at the time from pharmacom. So it was a true kit.

    Pharmacom is not even on my list to ever order from again because of this. Plus why order one of those for 200 when I can order something better and domestic.

    As always I get bloodwork on EVERYTHING I do and here is the bloodwork on this test there is a video floating around the web about my experience with it.
    Check the dates on the test

    D0D45B97-C592-47D8-B21C-0499BC386777.jpg 4465D804-0D29-4451-91FF-496625072732.jpg
  13. Krimzun

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    I really appreciate your insight and thorough testing. I guess I got sold by their good marketing. They had me under the impression they were basically operating at a pharmaceutical level of production.

    I haven't had any issues with everything else I get from them. So luckily for me their hgh is never on sale, or I would've gone with them no questions asked.

    Interesting that you think they don't make their own hgh, maybe that's why there was an issue with it. I say that because I only settled on them for all my AAS needs from so many glowing reviews and recommendations in the past. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should look into them some more.
  14. Tiredandhot

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    Its $200, that's around the price of generic and not pharma. They're actually higher than many other generic sellers with good reviews.
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    hi dude, if you want gear from Mexico just pm me!!
  16. T-Bagger

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    Good way to get banned. Don’t try scamming or sourcing via PM
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