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    Been a lurker for a while now, been pretty active on ASF and AnabolicMinds, have a cycle log going on each of those right now.

    38 years old, been lifting on and off since high school. Just wanted to introduce myself to some extent. I'm really enjoying this forum, it's much more open than most. Too many have super secret discussions for fear of LE, which I understand, but this usually results in lots of miscommunication or noob bashing. I try to do as much research on my own before asking questions. So if I do ask a noob-ish question, it's probably just my way of filling in the blanks from all the conflicting and misinformation out there.

    Current cycle:
    Dbol kick start
    Test-E 500/week (Mon/Thurs)
    Mast-E 400/week (Mon/Thurs)
    hcg 250IU EOD
    Asin 12.5 every 3.5 days (as needed)

    Debating on cruising after 12 weeks

    Current weight 217.6 on wakeup today. Week 2 of cycle. (this is my second cycle ever)

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    Thank you
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    Welcome dude!
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    Thanks everyone
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    Welcome to meso