New to the forum but not the game.

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by ed@mtl, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. ed@mtl

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    Hi from Montreal. New to the forum but not the game. Hope to learn more.
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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  3. i'm new to the game but not the forum. Me and my 65 alternate handles all say, welcome to Meso.
  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    Where've you been at all day? You missed out on some of our daily shenanigans!
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  5. Football and napping. :D
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  6. BigNattyDaddy

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    I never could get into napping. Have family and friends who do it but once I'm up, I'm up for the entire day. Caffeine intake may play a role in that. :confused:o_O:cool:
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  7. barneys

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    Welcome to meso!
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