New to this community, hoping to learn more!

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by P-Dro, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. P-Dro

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    Good evening all!

    I have been looking for information here at Meso for a long time, finally decided to make an account as I find these forums a lot more helpful and impartial than the other ones. I'm currently finishing a simple cycle of 400mg of Test E. I have a lot to learn and I hope to be welcome here!
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  2. kendallkmw

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    Welcome. I'm sure you'll continue to find plenty of good information this is an uncensored and unbiased community. The key is to be a contributor as well as a sponge.
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  3. P-Dro

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    Thank you!
  4. Btcowboy

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    Welcome keep on reading great info here and no bs
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  5. P-Dro

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    100%. Thats what attracted me to Meso. People seem to look out for each other. With very few exceptions.
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