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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by heavyiron, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. heavyiron

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    Been hearing and seeing good feedback on this dom.

    GH serum testing on the Rips were good two times out of two tests and the Var tests out via mass spec.

    Several guys are running labs this next week on the Test Cyp so that should be interesting.


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  2. Dr JIM

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    A statistically significant (compared to equipotent doses of pharmaceutical grade GH) elevation of either IGF or GH levels on generic rHGH, that's a first, IME!
  3. Mike Oxbig

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    Can't go wrong with no min. order and free shipping. I just sent an e-mail. I'll have to get it a sample.
  4. biggerben69

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    I've seen a board member at musclecoalition and others with the handle AgentYes. Decided to go into business.
  5. mugzy

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    Yes it looks like heavyiron has come here to push this lab. Google the post and see how many other places he made this post.
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  6. heavyiron

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    I test many labs. This is my current project.
  7. heavyiron

    heavyiron Member

    Its obviously a crude method but once you do it about 5-10 times with 10iu it creates a range to know if your GH is real or bunk. I wrote an article on it I may have to dig up for you guys.
  8. biggerben69

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    The vials in the pic you posted say "Aces Pharma?.
  9. heavyiron

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    Its a reseller brother
  10. Dr JIM

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    Sorry HI but if your suggesting there is a means of testing manufactured rHGH, especially a "RESOLD" GENERIC PRODUCT LOL, in-vitro and determining it's quality (based on an amino acid sequencing) or concentration (from 1-100%) that's simply BULLSHIT, since NO RELIABLE TEST is available for that purpose, which is the primary reason similar TESTING is NOT used for GH drug screening in professional sports!

    Consequently the ONLY MEANS of accurately determining efficacy of rHGH is GH or IGF serum analysis in prospective users, period!

    If you have any information or controlled trials of a recently developed lab test that reliably differentiates rHGH via in-vitro sampling and contradicts my statement, POST IT!

  11. Dr JIM

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    Oh, incidentally MO your an obvious shill, so please cease the marketing BULLSHIT!
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  12. tanuki

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    So in the interest of full disclosure, the lab has no idea they send stuff to heavyiron? Selective scamming happens all the time. Everybody's favorite Uncle was notorious about it.
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  13. regular

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    AgentYes is a sponsor at musclecoalition where heavyiron is a moderator.

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  14. heavyiron

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    WTF is this section for if we cannot give feedback? Pick ANY UGL or supplier and I can probably find solid info on them. Its bizzare to me that you guys call me a shill for WP then a few days later Im a shill for IML and now this. You guys have to be the most cynical anti drug members I have ever met.

    btw, you are jumping to conclusions and making blanket statements you know nothing about. This board is seriously a waste of time.
  15. heavyiron

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    As well as various other boards.
  16. heavyiron

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    Great straw man argument.
  17. Millard Baker

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    that is what he reported doing
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  18. Millard Baker

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    Rather than make assumptions, just ask him. He's one of few people who have always disclosed any associations with companies. Usually, he makes this known in his signature file.

    IMO, heavyiron is the model of how a rep should behave and represent himself on the forums. Disclosure while providing useful steroid information rather than spamming forums with promotional sales material.
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  19. Millard Baker

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    There are only two options for testing : obtain sample directly from ugl or from reseller. You can't guarantee chain of custody if obtain from reseller. You can't guarantee absence of selective scam if obtain directly from ugl.

    So lab test are always invalid?

    Only other option is no testing

    This is ultimately why I likely won't invest in a lab testing program at Meso.
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  20. Dr JIM

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    I was not referring to HI being a "shill", it's obvious he owns a company and will promote those products, which seems reasonable to me.
    However I was chiding (MO) Mike Ox for not making a similar disclosure.