New update: Apple products, CIA, encryption, and more!

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    Hey guys! I thought you might find a read.. Nice new article up.

    I love securing myself and friends with new ibfo and data on good long reads like this! If you have some time, it's an intetesting read that goes over the apple security flaws found at multiple security jamborees around the world.. These conferences focused on the use of traditionally hacking methods that led a target user to using infected apps undetected.. Interesting stuff guys!

    What do yall think? I've read that apple products are completely at risk with huge gaps in flaws... These new so called "security risks" I think are old and well known by gov sources.. They easily hear our talk on apple products, especially without an environment like tails..

    I firmly believe any and all apple freeware encryption devices being used are well exhausted and more than likely compromised...

    Thoughts ??