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    I've been reading this board for a few weeks now, and noticed how the culture of this board consistently suits me. I love how hard the members vet sources. I love how hard the members are on each other. To me it looks like brotherly love. I also enjoy how the culture supports pulling someones card and calling them out on their blind-spots. I think there should be more of this in all relationships. Haven't cycled in over 15 years, but I'll be reading up on putting one together. Goals: Lean then some mass, more for athletic competitiveness.
    40 years old
    14.5% body fat

    I'll be around.
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    Welcome to the board you skank;)
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    Indeed, the skank is here. Thanks for the welcoming!
  4. Welcome, @Skank glad to have you aboard.

    i like to think of Meso as a giant family. Every family has shit talkers, plain ol' nice guys, aggressive guys, a few black sheep. They're all here. Every personality type imaginable.

    The vast majority of active posters are knowledgeable guys that seem happy to help other members out. We got a few that run off at the mouth a little too much, and we have a few that aren't helpful at all and are only here to hump a sources leg. But, it is what it is.

    Stick around long enough and you'll see who's who. i love it here. i said this before, Meso is my Facebook. i'm here multiple times a day, every day. Learning something new each time.
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    Whats up MSG. Thanks for the orientation. What you're laying-down about MESO is what I was calling the "culture." I dig it. I like shit-talking. In my family of origin, I am a black sheep. These things are what drew me here over other boards--that and the knowledge that gets flexed around these parts. Invaluable. I'm glad that you have found a group that you can identify with as a family. BTW, my 2pennies on the subject...I fucking hate facebook.
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    I’m just here to hump your leg bro..
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    Well chosen user name @Skank

    Welcome man
  8. Don't threaten me with a good time, mister. :D
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    Thanks for the welcome and the compliment, sk8. All these kind words makes me feel a little left out can I get some sarcastic shit talking please