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    After a year trying to make an account i finnaly was accepted. Been following RnR from page 1 till now. Following all these sources and reading more the last few weeks everyday more than normal, shore takes all my free time the gf gets annoyed. have only ordered aas from four international sources. And looking to find a domestic but I'm taking my time, as RnR didn't pan out. Hope to get more bitcoin bEfore basic ends the promo. But I see SAS must be g2g. I'm gathering up a couple years worth of gear before I do my first pin, because once I start I'll love it but don't want to be shit out of luck for the future cycles. I've already gotten blood work and doing it as correct as a can so I know my natty base levels witch are 856 total in my upper 20s And I know how to diet and nutrition I still weigh all my meals out going on 8 years now just because it's a routine now and I like it simple and routine. Was thinking of pinning this summer but going to wait till Next year. I feel I still have more things to workout and reach natty before I take the leap.
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    Not sure why it took a year to get accepted. I believe it was only a week or two for me. Anyway, welcome to Meso.
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    Each account I made it was never accepted /activated by a moderator. I Was wondering if the site was even legit or just bots talking not real people.
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