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    Found this place trying to find reviews for good honest labs in the UK/EU. I've been thinking about running a cycle or two for a while, especially after sports related injury put my lifting back by some way (used to push 75/140/190/215 kg on the big four at 6' 186lbs), although I've accepted that I will never push those weights again.

    Given my background, I've been doing a lot of research, here, reddit and other forums and I'm still not certain about anything. If I were to run, I think it'll be a standard test-e/aromasin/nolva with bloods when possible.

    Anyway, I may not even make the jump, if only because cost:benefit ratios are important to me and not going to fire off money at the first website I find on duckduckgo/google when looking for a lab, but it's been an interesting education reading about the effects of AAs.
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    Welcome! Depending on the amount of Test you run, it may not even be necessary to run the Nolva or Masin. That being said, make sure you have it on hand and make sure it’s pharma. Also good to have your pct on hand for when you finish.
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I’ve been thinking 250mg/ml test-e every 4/5 days on a 12-14 week cycle. I understand that a single cycle doesn't give the extreme results most people expect, but I'm not necessarily expecting to put on as much mass as humanly possible, but I'd be happy with an extra 4-6lbs of muscle and a relative drop in bf% if my diet and training is solid enough and most of the mass I gain is lean.

    And yeah, I'm not going to start unless I have AIs and PCT ready to go on hand. I really don't want gyno or to shut down my natural test production, so I've been extra cautious about planning this all out. From what I've been reading, the go to PCT I've been suggested is Nolva everyday 40/40/20/20; some have said that 20/20/20/20 is enough, but I guess the standard is the standard for a reason.

    Going to call a doctor and book an appointment for bloods soon anyway. Even if only to get my baseline test, oestrogen, oestradiol, cholesterol, etc. at least I'll know where I am.
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    Could you clarify your proposed dosing and pin schedule?

    When you say you don’t want to shut down your natty rest production, do you mean while on cycle?
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    No. I meant afterwards, I know it'll be shut down during the cycle, I fully expect that. I meant that I want things to go back to normal afterwards and wouldn't even dream of starting a cycle without some pct to get it back up and running. If I am to run a cycle, I want to do it properly, not start pinning and do what some people do and not have AIs to hand or stopping a cycle and thinking it ends there. I want this all planned out and to go as well as a first cycle could, hopefully without complications.

    Dosing would be 1ml of 250mg/ml test-e pinned every 4 days, as plotted on Nothing for 1/2 weeks after my last pin to let the test-e do its thing, then PCT. So in the end, it'd be something like :

    12 weeks 1ml 250mg test-e e4d, asin ready if nipples start to tingle, bloods before and during to monitor test and oestrogen in particular.

    1-2 weeks rest to let the test-e be eliminated from my body

    4-6 weeks of PCT with nolva 40/40/20/20 protocol. Longer if required, and bloods to check up on this.
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  6. I would go a min if 3-4 weeks before you begin serms. I would also recommend hcg on cycle or at least soon as a week after you do your last pin
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  7. And every 3.5 days pin of test e.
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    I would just pin every Monday and Thursday. Everything else looks good! Have you taken your baseline bloods?
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    Not yet. I still need to call my GP and get it booked in. But I won't start until I've got them.

    Thanks. I'll do some reading about HCG too.