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    Hello all. I'm a member on a couple other BB/AAS forums and new to the Meso forum. I'm an endurance athlete and after suffering from ITBS got back into weight training. Since December i've packed on 20lbs and weigh in at 187.6 with 12% bf. I just finished a 30 day ph cycle running IML M-Sten, Brawn M1A, Alpha Forma V, IML Super Epi Andro, and Sup3r DHEA. Currently I'm running a clo/nolv pct along side the Alpha Forma-V with 100mcg IGF1-LR3 Bilateral post workout and sub-q on rest days. Hope to connect with some good information here. Its been 11 years since I've pinned and no longer have a source.

    I hate to admit it but I found this board by making a purchase of what would have probably been bunk gear from bomblabs. Luckily I saw a post here in time to stop the money transfer and cruise on into the new member section here as was suggested.
  2. Not familiar with BombLabs, but happy to see you did some leg work before going all in.

    There's a few sources here, some more likable than others.
    Just do your reading and take your time. You should have no problems finding what you're looking for.

    Welcome to Meso.