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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by thecoach, Dec 23, 2007.

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    thecoach Junior Member

    Ok Boyz... I thought I would post my anavar cycle, and any results that I have, sides etc...

    STATS: 35 yrs old, 180 pounds, 6'0, 10%bf been working out for years, but mainly tailored to racquet sports, running, etc. I don't want to get that bulk look. I choose Anavar cus I need minimal gains. 10pounds max, age, and don't want anyone to know I am on AAS. This is my first cycle. I was planning on running a 7 week cycle. starting at 25mg for first 2 weeks, then up to 40mg.

    I started the VAR this past Wednesday (5 days now) at 25mg a day. 15 in the morning, 10 in the evening. I am taking 5-10mcg of Creatine everyday as well.

    Today, I noticed signifcant strengh increases. I was able to do 225 on the bench 5 times. My prior best was 2-3. I was in shock.. I knocked out 185 easily 10 times.. just a week ago i struggled to get 10. i need 70 pound dumbell inclines for 6 reps.. I have never even picked them up before on inclines.. I found myself looking around the gym because I felt like i was cheating.. :) i thought someone would know . but i guess no one really follows my workout routine.

    EFFECTS: I noticed a very nice pump in the muscles. and when I think i can't go heavier in weights, the weights tend to keep moving up.. I do also notice that I am not that hungry. I am forcing down food, but not a big desire to eat alot. I find it easier to put down Protein shakes.. which in turn is giving me horrendous gas. I had a family member comment. " wow.. you should see a Dr.." like rotten fish/eggs. I havent slept that well .. sometimes half asleep, and tossing and turning alot. Also the last 2 nights around 6am, I find myself hungry.. (only time of the day) So i go drink a big protein shake and go back to bed. That actually have helped me sleep better. I am quite sore from workouts. I have read that on AAS you don't get as 'sore' but I am still getting sore. My stomach also seems bloated, even though I am not eating that much.. I am sure some of this stuff could be in my head however.

    Now.. i have a small little problem. My BOSS at work is putting me on the road, then sending me to Cancun Mexico for a few days for a suprise vacation starting on january 6. So I have 2 more weeks till this trip!! I will be on the road for 10 days, and it will be almost impossible to eat and train correctly while traveling not mention the partying opportunities I will have. So... My cycle will end after 3 weeks instead of 7.. I had no idea this was coming.. Its a pleasant surprise, but puts a big wrench in my cycle. Good thing is maybe i can pick up some VAR in mexico on the cheap.

    Should I just stop now, and do legit cycle later??

    Should i finish this 3 week stint, then resume in a month or so after I return.?

    Will I need to take nolva (pct) after 3 short weeks on 25mg a day?

    Thanks for your help
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    swelty Junior Member

    if you cant train then i would stop the cycle and save it for another and start pct. i would think a mild pct would be ok, but i have not experienced just a var cycle. have fun in mexico!!!
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    thecoach Junior Member

    update: I am 8 days in the cycle. I have decided to stay on it till vacation. Over Xmas c hristmas eve, I got some stomach virus.. could barely eat.. and when I forced myself, i paid the price , and vomitted all night.. the next day was quite tired.. I don't think it is VAR related. Now, feeling better, and my last 2 workouts were very good.. Still increasing in strength. However, my bloating is quite bad now. I have put on 5 pounds this week, and some of which is fat i think... The bloating is bad, and went to GNC today to get some probiotic to hopefully work things out in my instestines.. Not sure if its the VAR, or possibly still recovering from stomach flu.

    I have been eating good, my feeling my stomach is growing.. Not sure if its the bloat, or putting on fat in the belly.. Very happy with the strength gains, but wasnt expecting the bloat, and maybe stomach fat gain.
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Good to hear you are gaining strength on anavar as you should. It is a very well known product for power lifters due to the strength gains.

    The bloating I do not understand as Anavar typically will not cause anyone to bloat and typically is used during cutting periods. Maybe some of the weight gain is muscle and the fact you ingesting more, which is a good thing.

    And you should typically do some form of pct as Anavar. Simple nolvadex would work great for a few weeks.
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    Bosnian_Brawler Junior Member

    5 lbs in that short period does not seem ok....Your diet is not good or your gear is not good.....I run cycle of anavar and all of my gains were quality muscle and I only gained about 7 lbs after 10 weeks of 50mg ED cycle...
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Unless the creatine is causing some water weight. I used to get that problem many years ago using creatine. Or you got another product such as dianabol and not anavar? Maybe a mistake?

    Not 5lbs in a few days though. Although everyone will typically have a few pounds weight gain or loss variance per day.

    I used to weigh myself everyday in the mornings on an empty stomach upon waking and my weight would usually be a few pounds heavier or lighter on a daily basis.
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    dennis Member

    stop the creatine..the stomach problem will most likely go away..your vacation interupting your cycle sucks that you shut yourself down for such a short time..but on the bright side ...recovery should be a any slim chance can you get some prop and cyp or enth ? If so you could start the longer esther test,kicked with some prop and keep your cycle going over vacation should easily find place to lift in Mexico..I did.
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    thecoach Junior Member

    thks for the input.

    UPDATE; day 10.. Today was my PUSH day... Did six reps at 225, and everything is going up... Shoulder presses at 135 for 4 reps.. I have NEVER come close to that before. My bloat has gone down a bit, and I did stop the creatine 3 days ago. Also bought some probiotic vitiamins for 'Good bacteria' Have no idea if that stuff works, but supposely helps Bloat.

    I am on about 25mg per day of VAR.. i am quite sure it is VAR. The pictures look exactly like the BD VAR i have seen on numerous websites. I don't think I should up the dosage as I thought I would, but my gains are still coming, so Ill stick here at 25mg

    my weight did drop a couple pounds, so I think the weight i gained was probably the water weight from the creatine/ and the stomach flu.

    I was thinking about trying to keep the cycle going through mexico, however, this place Im going to... 'Temptations' looks like a Spring break type atmosphere for 30 year olds. adult all inclusive... So, i think i will be partying heavily, and prolly get shitty workouts in , and poor diet. Ill just try to maintain down there...

    I have noticed today that my nipples are very slightly sore.. Nothing major.. just a little sore... This normal for VAR? It could be in my head as now I am thinking about it.. maybe i should start some nolva to be safe???
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    swelty Junior Member

    the nolva will keep the bloat down also. if your happy with the gain your getting now just imagine what test would be
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Sounds like you are on a good track now. And no anavar will not cause gyno, so you should not have any nipple soreness. I see no need for Nolva at the moment, I would use it for pct though.
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    dennis Member

    Something else i just thought of..the protien powder you mix with milk will give you horrible gas and lots of it.At the all inclusive I was at in Mexico eating correctly was never was simple..there is food availible 24-7 ..I ate tons of meat 6-8 times per day and steamed veggies...I hit the weight room every morning as soon as i woke up and then hit the buffet..even though i was drinking heavily by noon each day I continued to lift and eat.I skipped every desert and never cheated ! I figured my desert was the alcohol drinks !
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    thecoach Junior Member

    Day 15 Update:
    2 weeks on anavar now. I have upped the dosage to 30mg a day for the last 4 days. My weight has been stable around 180. However my strength continues to go up. I find myself lifting longer with great pumps, but often feel I am not tired enough, and feel I can keep lifting.

    I have also noticed i had some minor tendinitios in my elbow and shoulder, and that seems to have gone away.. Does juice do that? gets rid of tend.??

    Sides: I had slightly sore nipples for 1 day. but that went away. My bloat seems to have gone away for the most part. My appetite seems to be better now than it was the first week. I can eat more.. no problem. I seem to have a little more trouble sleeping however. Waking up more, and having more trouble getting to sleep. No Acne.... Sex drive i think may be slightly down.. but hard to tell.. 1 nut is not a problem.. but the 2nd nut in the same night seems to be harder to get.. pardon the pun.. although it could be just the girl I am banging is getting stale.

    Has anybody used viagra on anavar?? worth it?? does it work?

    Workouts: Yesterday I need "PUSH' in the morning.. I warmed up as usual with a 45 plate on each side. In the middle of the set of 10 i had to look at the weight as I thought I forgot to put the weight on there.. it felt SOOO light!!! I usually then do 185 on the 2nd set.. and usually get 10-12 before i started the cycle.... but feeling strong, I went to 205 for the 2nd set.. I had no spot, and busted out 10 EASY!!! I probably could of got another 5. 3 weeks ago, i would have gotten 6..On my 3rd set.. with no spotter, I busted out 7 at 225. with no spotter.. Got a little nervous, and stopped there.. probably could of gotten 8-9... So my goal of 225 for 10 reps is almost acheived on 2 weeks of Anavar at 25mg a day??!!! wow... crazy.. And this is supposely a very mild cycle??!!! Scary what a 'real ' cycle would do to my body.. I just hope I can maintain these gains once I stop next week.

    Since I am going to Cancun on Monday, I started cutting carbs and calories, and have upped my cardio too. I have always done some cardio, as I play tennis, squash , run, and am more of a lean athlete. Yesterday, I after 6 minutes of light running, my lower back started to hurt.. I had to stop, and then got on the staionary bike.. after 10 minutes.. went back to running, then again, after 5 minutes or so, the back started to lock up again... So weird... Is this the 'Back Pump" that I have read about?? I don't know if my back is fucked up, or just some cramping.. doesnt hurt though otherwise.. Didnt know if anavar related.

    Dennis: Yes.. the place I am going to in mexico is all inclusive with Tons of food i am sure, so that wont be a problem.. I just thought with the drinking, bad sleep, and probably medicore workouts at best being hung over , i would put the VAR on the shelf.. give my body a rest, and start another small cycle in a month or so.

    Thanks Bros for the input....
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    dennis Member

    tendonitis is from lifting heavier weights because you are stronger now..avoid any exercise that hurts the elbows and forearms.
    I like cialias better than viagra on vacation..yes i have used it.
    You can maintain your gains if you continue to lift and eat..get lazy on either during your vacation and you will carefull on cutting calories..just cut back on carbs.
    Lower back pump is through it.
    You do not need to start another cycle in a month or are shut down..need to recoop and restart..Then wait 4 months or so and try injectable cycle.Vios Condidos amigo....
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    fabulous9191 Junior Member

    3 Weeks seems like a waste man. No offense but my var cycle started to shine at the end of the third week. I ran mine for 8 weeks along with test prop and it was great. I would've just dropped it and ran it later. As far as water gain it might not even be anavar or your diet needs to be checked. High sodium will bloat you. Consume more water and less sodium. You should be alright though anavar didn't shut me down as hard as other compounds have. and cancun! A friend of mine headed out there in the summer. He said it was bad fucking ass. You're in for a treat brother. Good luck.
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    Walker Member

    You realize you woke up a 6 year old thread ...
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    Cmxer32 Member

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    4leafclover Member

    Pretty sure his 3 week cycle is well and done.
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    fabulous9191 Junior Member

    Lmao fuck my bad bros. I'll keep an eye on that next time.

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