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    Total newbie here.

    Background: I have been weightlifting for the past ~7-8 years. I have been following the bodybuilding style diet (watching what I eat, making nutritional choices, macros, micros, ect) for the past ~4-5 years. Currently 22 years old. At 21 I had a total test level of 218. A year later at 22 years old it came in as 100 flat. I've started working with an anti aging clinic/trt-hrt clinic to fix my low test levels.

    Current prescription:
    1cc of testosterone Cypionate per week (split into two, most likely Sunday and Wednesday)
    2 Estrogen Blockers a week (arimidex I believe)
    hcg (I can't remember off the top of my head how much a week)

    I plan to first get my testosterone levels evened out at an optimal area where I finally feel good again (currently dealing with most of the low T issues). And seeing how my physique and strength change based on that alone.

    After this, what stacks would anyone recommend for Cutting and for Bulking? (as well as details such as how long and quantities and rough pricing) I do not compete in anything. I workout simply for the fact that I like to look good and feel big and strong. Ideally would like to avoid anything with major hard to combat side effects.

    I believe my doctor I am talking to can get me more than just Test C, Arimidex, and HCG since while we were talking he said "Of course we have a lot of other meds available too, depending on your goals"

    I've come across a fair amount of posts about being on just testosterone TRT but not many where the arimidex and HCG are included.
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    You might want to go to a different doctor and maybe he can find out why your natural test is low.
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    2 estrogen blockers? (AI) that’ll kill estrogen completely.. Yiu sure he said that? Get a second 3rd opinion..a kid at my second job has low test and his came back 202.. that’s cause he’s fat and lazy .. eats jambalaya 3 times a day cause it’s cheap.. he was having hot flashes and is moody..
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    Read the background info. Also I'm about 185lbs@12-15%bf. I have visible abs. upload_2018-8-5_17-42-33.png
  5. Go to a real doctor first to see if it really is low, and why it’s low, maybe it can be fixed without becoming dependent on trt. This “doctor” sounds more like a drug dealer tbh, and you can probably find cheaper clinics than this at least.
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    I have been to my GP and gotten all the blood testing done. Came back as total testosterone: 100. I have A LOT of the symptoms. Past family members have had it. The next opening to an endocrinologist within a 4 hour drive from me is in 2019.
  7. Just saying would be nice to know the cause if possible, which may not be possible once trt starts unless the cause was a tumor on the pituitary gland. If I could go back I would have waited to see a specialist. Sure being in the upper half of range feels better than when I was at 130 but tbh mid 250-300+ of endogenous test felt better than 700-1000 of exogenous test.

    Urologists can be considered specialists too.
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    Bro I would kill for a doc that would say this to me. Absolutely keep him. If hes down to hook you up with all the essential meds like he says, keep him.
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    Agreed. Sounds like he's using an online clinic - they have generic protocols like that to optimize their profits.
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    If your GP won't write see if there's another in your area that will. Call some pharmacies - ask them which doctors in your area write for testosterone. I would use a GP or urologist, not a endo (just because ime they write more standard and don't often want to optimize if that's what your after- 100mg/week and as long as you're within the reference range it's good.) My current GP that writes for me is a female Nurse Practitioner who keeps me at the top of the range as long as my health parameters stay in check. She will, as did my last GP who was a male Sports Therapy doctor, write for AI's (if needed), hcg, etc. We played with my dosing schedule to not use an AI.
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    Just to kind of add some other background to this. My GP isn't actually a GP. She was an assistant to our GP that took over when he retired and no one else has really stepped in to take that place. She consults with a couple of doctors from bigger cities. I'm from a ridiculously small farm town in BFE so we don't have a lot of options near us. I actually had to get written and signed requests from specialty doctors just to get some of the blood tests done at my GP because they never do anything nearly that complicated there.

    The clinic I am working with is being publicly promoted by a bigger fitness personality that I follow. With what we discussed the plan is to start at 200 mg/week (1cc) of test, see how it affects me. The neither taper or add on to it.

    I am also consulting with another clinic (still online) my family found. Purely consulting to cross examine what the first clinic recommends and prices me at.

    I still plan to go see the endo/urologist to get a checkup on my overall health as soon as my appointment comes up. Which as of this moment is at the end of this year.

    So I am trying to set as many safteys in place as I can while still hopefully having the ability to add "extras" down the line if I want to go that route.